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5-Letter Ladder
✭ _____ [Last Rung], fast food chain ✭ 
Every day 
In a cheerful way 
_____ Lok, Hong Kong model 
Cunning intelligence 
Regret after committing a crime 
Warm bed covering 
Any of a bird's main tail feathers 
Put an end to a rebellion by force 
'Star Wars' swamp-covered Mid Rim planet 
✭ [First Rung] _____, fast food chain ✭ 
4-Letter Ladder
✭ ____ [Last Rung], Mexican fast food chain ✭ 
Small, sharp, broad-headed nail 
Framework with rails or bars 
Runners' battle of the fastest 
A shoe has one 
Narrow, rural road 
'The Thin, Red ____' 
Long, flexible stem of a climbing plant 
George Washington's on the 1$ 
✭ [First Rung] ____, Mexican fast food chain ✭ 
3-Letter Ladder
✭ ___[Last Rung], healthy fast food chain ✭ 
The planets orbit around this 
___ Diego, California's 2nd largest city 
Yellowish-brown color 
Element snymbol Sn 
Fasten something with string 
Intentionally false statement 
Removable cover for the top of a container 
Boy or young man 
Put down gently 
✭ [First Rung]___, healthy fast food chain ✭ 

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