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QUIZ: Can you name the 4-letter words in this word ladder?

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✈ Direct one's gaze ✈
What pirates hunt for
Having no significance
Expose one's behind
In a short time
French singer-songwriter
____ Yu, 'Mulan' villain
'Stranger ____ Fiction'
✈ 'Meat Loaf' won't do it for love ✈
Facebook feature
Tailored jacket
Water surrounding medieval castles
____ Blanc, European mountain
Place where money is coined
Yao ____, Ex-NBA player
'____-Dong! The Witch is Dead'
✈ A prehistoric animal, for short ✈
Homeless drunk
'Candle in the ____'
Fasten something tightly
007's surname
Confident and courageous
Zeus' weapon
Hard kick
Unrefined, ill-mannered person
Male pig
✈ Rise high in the air ✈
'Days of our Lives', e.g.
Hit with the hand
Long, thin indentation
Burn the surface
Be told
A mess
Be of assistance to
'Highway to ____'
Nathan ____, American hero
✈ Most items are '____ in China' ✈
Edna of 'The Incredibles' fame
Greater amount
Jewish guy from 'Family Guy'
Wal____ or K-____
'The Godfather ____ II'
Miami's NBA team
✈ It rests on the neck ✈
Small piece of glass
Shape into a curve
Led Zeppelin, e.g.
Batman villain
Climbing plant's stem
Lewis ____, American sociologist
Give someone a job
Republic of Ireland
✈ Charlotte Brontë's 'Jane ____' ✈
Stringed instrument
Traditions held by a group
Telephone connection
Type of tree
A lot of money
Warsaw native
Minute opening in a surface
✈ Harbor ✈
Permanent army post
Pass gas
Simpson boy
'The Tales of Beedle the ____'
✈ Southern French department ✈

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