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Can you name the 4-letter words in this themed word ladder?

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Clue4-Letter Word
•____[Last Rung], way to catch Pokémon•
Pester the Pillsbury Doughboy
Long-bodied freshwater fish
Tree with long, sharp leaves
Eat dinner
•____ [Last Rung], way to catch Pokémon•
Jump into a pool
Remain alive
•____ [Last Rung], way to catch Pokémon•
Zero, in tennis
Knowledge on subjects held by a group
•____ [Last Rung], way to catch Pokémon•
Attractor near a fishhook
Crescent-shaped figure
Slow-witted person
'The Legend of Zelda' protagonist
Pass the tongue over something
Piece of hair
Gaze at something
Foolish person
•____ [Last Rung], way to catch Pokémon•
Where Apollo 11 landed
Long, low sound
Taylor Swift song
Breakfast, lunch, or dinner
•____ [Last Rung], way to catch Pokémon•
Cure a disease
Clue4-Letter Word
AC/DC: 'Highway to ____'
Alexander Graham ____, telephone inventor
Strip worn around the waist
Superlative of good
•____ [Last Rung], way to catch Pokémon•
Home to a bird
Thomas ____, US political cartoonist
•____ [Last Rung], way to catch Pokémon•
Refrain from eating
Pass gas
Usher: 'Confessions ____ II'
•____ [Last Rung], way to catch Pokémon•
Put your car in its space
Lady ____, Polish rock band
Criminal or hoodlum
Dip in water
•____ [Last Rung], way to catch Pokémon•
Time before nightfall
Strong-smelling, reddish-brown substance
The ____, 1994 Jim Carrey film
Tall, upright post on a boat
Grain that has been steeped, germinated, and dried
Stop short
•[First Rung]____, way to catch Pokémon•
Tennis or billiards need

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