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♬____ [Rung 28], singer♬1
Alcoholic drink of fermented honey and water2
Element of atomic number 823
Give away something temporarily4
Earth's part that isn't covered by water5
The Beatles: 'Penny ____'6
♬[Rung 1] [Rung 28] song: 'I'd Do Anything For ____ (But I [Rung 14] Do [Rung 23])'♬8
'Lightning Crashes' American rock band9
| or _10
Cotton ball material11
Period preceding Easter12
Past of go13
♬[Rung 1] [Rung 28] song: 'I'd Do Anything For [Rung 8] (But I ____ Do [Rung 23])'♬14
'Tiger' Woods's middle name15
Snort of cocaine16
Cartoon movie or TV show17
Grayish-brown American mammal, for short18
Dime or quarter, e.g.19
Face part below the mouth20
Of little thickness21
> - greater ____, < - less ____22
♬[Rung 1] [Rung 28] song: 'I'd Do Anything For [Rung 8] (But I [Rung 14] Do ____)'♬23
Outer garment25
Ed ____, American powerlifter26
Thing that is borrowed27
♬[Rung 1] ____, singer♬28

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