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Can you name the 4-letter words in this themed word ladder?

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1.☼ Harry Truman, Doris Day, Red China, Johnnie Ray, South Pacific, Walter Winchell, Joe DiMaggio, Joe McCarthy, Richard Nixon, Studebaker, television, North Korea, South Korea, Marilyn Monroe, Rosenbergs, H-____ ☼
2.Foolish or stupid person
3.Loud, deep, resonant sound
4.Apparatus for making fabric by weaving yarn
5.Silly or foolish person
6.Borrowed money
7.Move into a sloping position
8.Example for others to follow
9.Give or borrow
10.James ____, Scottish physician
11.Nice or gentle
12.☼ Sugar Ray, Panmunjom, Brando, The ____ and I ☼
13.____ Pong, table tennis
141/2 a quart
15.____house apartment
17.Plot of land
18.Make a bleating noise
20.☼ The Catcher in the Rye, Eisenhower, vaccine, England's got a new queen, Marciano, Liberace, Santayana goodbye, Joseph Stalin, Malenkov, Nasser, Prokofiev, Rockefeller, Campanella, Communist ____ ☼
21.Mixture of hair and tar for covering the bottom of a ship
24.Poultry's pen
25.North American mammal, for short
26.☼ Roy ____ ☼
27.Lennon or Smith, e.g.
28.'Benny & ____'
29.What Roger Rabbit is
30.Reached for and held
31.Castle in chess
32.☼ Juan Peron, Toscanini, dacron, Dien Bien Phu falls, ____ Around the Clock ☼
33.Pier or wharf
34.Clark or Cheney, e.g.
35.Pluck or choose
36.Bird strike with its beak
37.Pointed top of a mountain
38.Monique ____, American fine jewelry designer
39.☼ Einstein, James ____ ☼
40.Texas Hold 'Em's first movement
41.Dark greenish-blue color
42.☼ Brooklyn's got a winning ____ ☼
43.Period or time
44.Microorganism which causes disease
45.Richard ____, American actor
46.Danny ____, retired NHL player
47.Have the courage to do something
48.Barry or Grohl, e.g.
49.☼ ____ Crockett ☼
50.Carson ____, American TV host
51.'Chip 'n' ____'
52.11/22/63, e.g.
53.Opposite of love
54.Strong and healthy
55.Cave, in Danish
56.☼ Peter Pan, Elvis Presley, Disneyland, Bardot, Budapest, Alabama, Khrushchev, Princess Grace, Peyton Place, trouble in the Suez, Little Rock, Pasternak, Mickey Mantle, Kerouac, Sputnik, Chou En-Lai, Bridge on the River Kwai, Lebanon, Charles de Gaulle, California baseball, Starkweather homicide, children of thalidomide, Buddy Holly, Ben Hur, space monkey, Mafia, ____ hoops ☼
57.Luiz Inácio ____ da Silva, Brazil's former president
58.2004 Ashlee Simpson song
59.____ Del Rey, American singer-songwriter
60.☼ Castro, Edsel is a no-go, U-2, Syngman Rhee, payola, Kennedy, Chubby Checker, Psycho, Belgians in the Congo, Hemingway, Eichmann, Stranger in a Strange ____ ☼
61.B.F. Skinner psychology term
62.Lion's or horse's hare
63.Rapper who was featured in 'Mo' Money, Mo' Problems'
64.Coherent, typically large body of matter with no definite shape
65.☼ Dylan, Berlin, Bay of Pigs invasion, Lawrence of Arabia, British Beatlemania, Ole ____ ☼
67.Tall, upright pole on a ship
68.Barley that has been steeped, germinated, and dried
69.Sheltered walk or promenade
70.Cloth spread over a coffin
71.☼ John Glenn, Liston beats Patterson, Pope ____ ☼
72.First king of Israel
73.John ____, SAS Institute co-founder
74.Jonas ____, Polio vaccine developer
75.Fire someone from their job
76.☼ Malcolm X, British politician sex, JFK blown away, Birth control, Ho Chi Minh, Richard Nixon ____ again ☼
77.Male antelope
79.☼ Moonshot, Woodstock, Watergate, ____ rock ☼
80.'Pretty in ____'
81.Evergreen coniferous tree
82.Trigonometric function
83.Position to the left or right of an object
84.☼ Begin, Reagan, Palestine, terror on the airline, Ayatollah's in Iran, Russians in Afghanistan, Wheel of Fortune, Sally ____ ☼
85.Rope securing an anchor
86.Actor's part in a movie
87.Cabbage or kale, e.g.
88.☼ Heavy metal suicide, Foreign debts, homeless vets, AIDS, crack, Bernie Goetz, Hypodermics on the shore, China's under martial law, Rock and roller ____ wars ☼

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