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QUIZ: Can you name the missing words for these trivia questions related to US presidents?

Quiz Updated Jun 1, 2014

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ClueWordLetter - Hint
______ E. Stevenson IIA - He ran against Eisenhower twice
John C. _______B - James Buchanan's VP
John C. _______C - John Q. Adams's only VP & Andrew Jackson's first VP
Teapot ______ ScandalD - Bribery incident under Harding
______ Baker LincolnE - Abraham Lincoln's second son
The ______ of His CountryF - George Washington's nickname
Charles J. ______G - James Garfield's assassin
______ LaneH - James Buchanan's niece/First Lady
Bay of Pigs ______I - Cuban situation which Kennedy handled
Supreme Court Chief ______J - William Howard Taft's job after office
William R. ______K - Franklin Pierce's VP (briefly)
______ Lynch King, Jr.L - Gerald Ford's birth name
Bull _____ PartyM - Theodore Roosevelt's party
Richard _____N - The 37th US President
Point Pleasant, ______O - Ulysses Grant's birthplace
Losing the _______ VoteP - 5 Presidents have become President after doing this
James Danforth ______Q - George H. W. Bush's VP
______ B. HayesR - The 19th US President
______ Childress PolkS - James K. Polk's First Lady
______ RangersT - Baseball team which George W. Bush owned
______ CollegeU - Chester Arthur's alma mater
Martin ______ BurenV - The 8th US President
Jane ______W - Ronald Reagan's first wife
______ UniversityX - Where Barack Obama gave a speech to commemorate Katrina
______ UniversityY - 3 Presidents' alma mater
______ TaylorZ - The 12th US president

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