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Can you name the words which end in 'EEL'?

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Definition (# of Letters)Answer
Circular, sideways handspring with arms and legs extended (9)
Ride a bike with pedals unrest (9)
Wheel with projections that transfers motions (8)
Short film of current affairs (8)
Fireworks device that rotates and emits colored fire (8)
Polite, refined, or respectable in an affected way (7)
Wicker basket for carrying fish (5)
Support your body with your knees (5)
Hard, strong, gray alloy of iron (5)
Circular object that helps a vehicle move (5)
Be aware of something through touch (4)
Back part of the foot below the ankle (4)
Capsize (4)
Outer covering of a fruit or vegetable (4)
Device in which film can be wound (4)
Prevent someone from seeing (4)
Slippery, snake-like fish (3)

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