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He made a theory out of,
Born in Germany
Threw balls from tower
The Sun MUST be the center,
It is not the Earth!
This man published the
Periodic table in
He had a theory
'Evolution's real!' he said
Even wrote a book
He invented lots
'The Wizard of Menlo Park'
He was often called
She married Pierre
Won the Nobel Prize with him
Also by herself
Student of Plato
'Til he was thirty-seven
Studied term logic
Three laws of motion
Built reflecting telescope
Studied speed of sound
Kite experiment
Helped prove electricity
A founding father
'The Double Helix'
Co-discovered DNA
Francis Crick's partner
Chimpanzee expert
Long stay in Tanzania
Animal welfare
Discovered plenty
Electrolysis, benzene
And more among them
Helped describe optics,
Electricity and more
With equation sets
A cryptanalyst
Who had a self-named machine
Died at forty-one
Lady physicist
Deserved Nobel Prize; was snubbed,
Otto Hahn got it!
An electric car
Formed the basis of AC?
Can that really be?

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