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Evil King of Alagaesia
He is main character
He found her egg in the Spine while hunting
His uncle
His cousin
His cousin's unofficial girlfriend
Old storyteller
Monsters with bird faces
Brom's best friend
Strange herbalist
Her (were)cat
Elf female whom Eragon saves from near death
King of the dwarfs
His son
Large monsters around 10' tall
Leader of the varden
Second in command
Leader's daughter
Elf queen
Her daughter for some reason is _
Furry elf
Ajihad dies and _ now leads in his place
King _ is an alley of Nasuada
Eragon goes to Ellesmera to learn from the Rider _
Saphira would meanwhile learn from the rider's dragon _
_ kills them both, books later. ;(
Murtagh says that _ is Eragon's father an that they are brothers
Leader of the Werecats is _ Halfpaw
His mate _ Hunter
Who wrote these works of art?

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