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Can you answer these questions based off the 4th series of Robot Wars?

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Forced Order
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First televised robot to be flipped out of the arena?
Who severed Reptirrons fuel line, causing it to go up in flames?
Which robot made it to the heat final despite losing in the first round?
Who won the pinball competition which happened over the course of the series?
The organisers moved two of the heats around to try and create a grudge match between Chaos 2 and which other competitor?
Which House Robot was introduced in this series?
Who took over from Phillipa Forrester for Series 4 and Robot Wars Extreme?
Which robot was awarded 3rd place by default after Hypno-Disc received too much damage to continue?
Which seeded robot was made to battle without its head after being found to be overweight?
Who was the first robot to ever hold Chaos 2 to a judges decision when they battled in Series 4?
Which robot was the highest seed to go out in round 1?
Which series 4 semi finalist was given the lowest ever ranking given to a semi finalist when it competed in series 5?
Which series 1 robot came out of retirement for a UK vs US special after Hypno-Disc and Shadow Of Napalm were unable to take part?
Who won the sumo basho competition which took place over the course of the series alongside the pinball competition?
Which semi finalist won the 'Most Promising Newcomer' award?
Who has the record for tallest competitor in the main competition at 1.41m tall?
Which robot was found to have a live snail in it when it competed in its first round melee?

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