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Can you name the 1970s movie based on titles of songs from its soundtrack or Score?

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Track NamesMovieYear
Bucket Of Blood, For The Last Time We'll Pray, Sue's Dream1976
Grandfather's Private Library, A Riot is an Ugly Thing, The Monster Talks1974
The End Part 2, The Nung River,Willard's Capture1979
The Abduction of Barry, Climbing Devil's Tower, The Appearance of the Visitors1977
I Work the Whole City, Betsy in a White Dress, The .44 Magnum Is a Monster1976
Szell Arrives, Betrayal / Drilling Horror, Babe Tosses Gun1976
An Architect's Dream, The Helicopter Explosion, Planting The Charges1974
Harry's Hot Dog, Scorpio Takes The Bait, The School Bus1971
Breakaway, Acid Test, The Shaft1979
Shuckin' The Corn, Buffalo Gals, Mountain Dew1972
Ballad of Rock Ridge, Mongo, I'm Tired 1974
Tubular Bells, Polymorphia, Night of the Electric Insects1973
The Gentle Softness, Han's Island, Broken Mirrors1973
Candles for Christine, Through the Streets of Venice, Dead End 1973
The Door Opens, Six Robots, Into the Hole1979

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