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Lyric...Enter _________ replacement
Greetings loved ones. Let's take a _________
I know a place where the __________ is really greener
______, wet and wild
There _______ be something in the water
Sippin' ___________________
Laying underneath the _____________
The boys ___________________
Tryna ______ a little sneek peek
You could _________ the world
But nothing comes ___________
To the golden ___________
Once you _________ with us
You'll be _________ in love
California gurls, we're ___________
Daisy dukes, ________ on top
Sun kissed skin so hot, will melt your _________
California gurls, we're ___________
________, fresh, fierce
we got it __________
West coast ______________
Now put your ___________ up
_________ on a beach
we got sand in our ___________
we freak, and we're ________
_______________ on the stereo
Lyric...Enter _________ replacement
(Snoop Dogg) ______, tanned
Fit and ______
Turn it up coz it's getting ___________
Wild, wild _____________
these are the girls I ______ the most
I _____ the ones, I _____ like shes the one
_______ her
________ her
_________ her buns
The girl's a _______
She drives a ______________
Men on the __________
But I'm okay, I won't ___________
Just like I love ______
________ beach
and _____________
Summer time is ___________
Come on _________
Hanging out, all that _______
Hanging out, _________
no _________
just to get ___________
_______ my lady (yeah)
You looking here babe (_____)
I'm all up on you, cause you representing _________

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