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Can you name the Australian Test Cricket Double Centurions?

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Opponent, Venue, DatePlayerRuns
England, The Oval, 11th Aug 1884211
England, Sydney, 14th Dec 1894201
South Africa, Adelaide, 7th Jan 1911214*
South Africa, Johannesburg, 12th Nov 1921203
England, Adelaide, 16th Jan 1925201*
England, Lord's, 27th Jun 1930254
England, Leeds, 11th Jul 1930334
England, The Oval, 16th Aug 1930232
West Indies, Brisbane, 16th Jan 1931223
South Africa, Brisbane, 27th Nov 1931226
South Africa, Adelaide, 29th Jan 1932299*
England, Leeds, 20th Jul 1934304
England, The Oval, 18th Aug 1934266
England, The Oval, 18th Aug 1934244
England, Melbourne, 1st Jan 1937270
England, Adelaide, 29th Jan 1937212
England, Nottingham, 10th Jul 1938232
England, Lord's, 24th Jun 1938206*
England, Sydney, 13th Dec 1946234
England, Sydney, 13th Dec 1946234
India, Adelaide, 23rd Jan 1948201
England, Adelaide, 2nd Feb 1951206
South Africa, Melbourne, 6th Feb 1953205
West Indies, Kingston, 11th Jun 1955204
Opponent, Venue, DatePlayerRuns
England, Manchester, 23rd Jul 1964311
West Indies, Bridgetown, 5th May 1965210
West Indies, Bridgetown, 5th May 1965201
England, Adelaide, 28th Jan 1966225
England, Melbourne, 11th Feb 1966307
West Indies, Melbourne, 26th Dec 1968205
West Indies, Sydney, 14th Feb 1969242
England, Brisbane, 27th Nov 1970207
New Zealand, Wellington, 1st March 1974247*
New Zealand, Christchurch, 18th Feb 1977250
Pakistan, Faisalabad, 6th Mar 1980235
India, Sydney, 2nd Jan 1981204
India, Adelaide, 23rd Jan 1981213
Pakistan, Brisbane, 27th Nov 1981201
Pakistan, Melbourne, 26th Dec 1983268
India, Chennai, 18th Sep 1986210
New Zealand, Adelaide, 11th Dec 1987205
West Indies, Adelaide, 3rd Feb 1989216
England, Nottingham, 10th Aug 1989219
New Zealand, Perth, 24th Nov 1989200
England, Leeds, 22nd Jul 1993200*
West Indies, Kingston, 29th Apr 1995200
Sri Lanka, Perth, 24th Nov 1995219
South Africa, Johannesburg, 28th Feb 1997214
Opponent, Venue, DatePlayerRuns
Pakistan, Peshawar, 15th Oct 1998334*
India, Sydney, 2nd Jan 2000223
India, Chennai, 18th Mar 2001203
South Africa, Johannesburg, 22nd Feb 2002204*
England, Melbourne, 26th Dec 2002250
West Indies, Port of Spain, 19th Apr 2003206
Zimbabwe, Perth, 9th Oct 2003380
India, Adelaide, 12th Dec 2003242
India, Melbourne, 26th Dec 2003257
New Zealand, Adelaide, 26th Nov 2004215
Pakistan, Sydney, 2nd Jan 2005207
South Africa, Perth, 16th Dec 2005203*
Bangladedsh, Chittagong, 16th Apr 2006201*
Pakistan, Hobart, 14th Jan 2010209
India, Sydney, 3rd Jan 2012329*
India, Adelaide, 24th Jan 2012221
India, Adelaide, 24th Jan 2012210
South Africa, Brisbane, 9th Nov 2012259*
South Africa, Adelaide, 11th Jun 2015230
England, Lord's, 16th Jul 2015215
New Zealand, Perth, 13th Nov 2015253
West Indies, Hobart, 10th Dec 2015269*
New Zealand Wellington, 12th Feb 2016239

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