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Forced Order
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Male with the Most challenge wins
First person to win the advantage and the final immunity challenge in the finale
First season to have an all-female Final Five
First final with 3 people
First Villain
First Player to compete in Celebrity Apprentice
First Person to be voted out twice in the same season
Youngest Female to Win
First season to divide by gender
Number of Different Winners
First and Only person (so far) To play the game four times
First Season to have Three Tribes
Only season to have 19 contestants.
Number of Seasons
Only Man to Quit the Game
Male with the longest win-streak
Female with the longest win-streak
First Season in which only Two People came back to play with new players
First Asian American Winner
First season to have a hidden immunity idol
First Person To have Won Sprint Player of the Season Two Seasons in a Row
First person to compete in every Redemption Duel in their first season
First person to win unanimously
First contestant to not attend the reunion show even though they competed in that season
First Person To Make a Fake Hidden Immunity Idol
First African American Winner
First Survivor Marriage
First Person to Be Blindsided Twice- In the Same Season!
HintAnswerExtra Info
First Season to stop a challenge
First season with a successful Split Vote
First Person to use a Hidden Immunity Idol on Someone else
First Season to divide by race
The first Fan to get to day 39
First Winner to Go to Jail after Winning
First Person to be Medically evacuated in the finale
First Female Winner of Survivor
First Person to Quit the Game at Tribal Council
First Person To Play a Fake Hidden Immunity Idol and Then Be Voted Out
First Season to Bring back old players to try again
First Person to be taken out of the game by medical for a period of time and then voted out
First Season in which a tribe dimnished to one person
First person to be eliminated first due to a medical evacuation
First Medical Emergency
First season to merge at twelve but not start the jury until 11
Oldest Person to Win
First time half of the cast was brought back from a previous season
First Person to Win and Never have a vote against him/her
The Stupidest Survivor Ever
First Season with 20 players
First Season to Feature Exile Island
First person to be voted out twice first in two different seasons
Only person to be in an alliance to go from day two to the end twice
First and Only Person to Win Survivor Twice
First Location
First Person to find a Hidden Immunity Idol without a Clue
First Winner
HintAnswerExtra Info
First Person to go ta every tribal council, including the final one
First Person To Find a Fake Hidden Immunity Idol
Excluding North America and Antartica, the only continent on which Survivor has not competed
First season in which 3 people came back and everyone else was new
First season in which someone was eliminated by a challenge
First Season to divide by age
First Two People to Be sent home before Tribal Council
Last Season to Feature Exile Island
First two people to quit the game at the same time.
First Latino/a to Win
Female with the most challenge wins
First season in which a tribe went to tribal council even though they won the immunity challenge
First Homosexual Winner
First Hero
Youngest Male to Win
Only season to be aired in the summer
First season in which someone was brought back after previously being taken out by medical in a different season
First All Female Final
First person to lose their first season and then win their second
First Two People to Be voted into the game
Only Winner of America's Favorite Survivor
First Season that Feature an Outcast Tribe
First time a location was used at least twice
First Season in which a tribe voted someone back into the game
First Person to Lose a Tooth
First Season with 18 players
First Season to have four tribes

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