Legend of Zelda Wind Waker Figurines

Can you name the Legend of Zelda Wind Waker Figurines?

Forest Haven
Korok forest spirit 
sculptor of Nintendo Gallery 
Earth Spirit and Guardian of the Forest 
Korok forest spirit 
Korok forest spirit 
Kokiri Sage 
Korok forest spirit 
Korok forest spirit 
Korok forest spirit 
Sage of Wind 
favorite thing: figurines 
Korok forest spirit 
Korok forest spirit 
Korok forest spirit 
Dragon Roost Island
personality: earnest 
occupation: Island Police 
birthplace: Dragon Roost Island 
occupation: Windfall Island Postman 
occupation: Mail Sorter 
birthplace: Dragon Roost Island 
Rito Prince 
Zora Sage 
Sage of Earth 
personality: worrisome 
hobby: dressing up 
personality: gentle 
personality: dutiful, passionate 
Rito tribe leader 
occupation: The Chieftain's Guards 
Sky Spirit 
hobby: dressing up 
sibling deities who control the wind 
vulnerability: arrows 
vulnerability: bombs 
spoils: boko baba seeds 
spoils: joy pendants 
habitat: Tower of the Gods 
spoils: chu jelly 
habitat: Forsaken Fortress 
weakness: projectiles 
spoils: golden feathers 
least favorite thing: projectiles 
weakness: water 
talent: herd movements 
least favorite thing: deku leaves 
habitat: The Forest Haven and Great Sea 
talent: rotating 
best attack: possession 
favorite food: all-purpose bait 
least favorite thing: Mirror Shield 
weakness: projectiles 
Forsaken Fortress
effective weapons: projectiles 
habitat: Tower of the Gods 
habitat: Earth Temple 
possessor of the Triforce of Power 
habitat: Tower of the Gods 
habitat: Dragon Roost Island 
habitat: Forsaken Fortress 
Protector of the Seal at Earth Temple 
habitat: Forbidden Woods 
habitat: Hyrule Castle 
spoils: skull necklaces 
Protector of the Seal at Wind Temple 
effective weapons: deku leaf, projectiles 
effective weapons: light arrows, master sword 
effective weapon: light arrows 
weakness: its head 
magic: summons 
magic: fire, summons 
Outset Island
greatest treasure: his family 
Link's younger sister 
talent: crab-walking 
personality: worrywart 
Water Spirit 
main interest: sticks 
personality: slacker 
talent: swordplay 
favorite thing: animals 
talent: flying 
personality: extremely serious 
personality: serious 
talent: digging holes 
talent: sniffling 
Windfall Island
favorite activity: kickboxing 
world's only maker of bombs 
Potion Master 
personality: passionate 
workplace: The Cafe Bar 
personality: not brave 
years with no girlfriend: 18 
Windfall's Gang of Boys 
trademark of yellow hat 
best friend: Sue-Belle 
favorite thing: love and romance 
personality: not particularly good 
personality: harsh 
favorite thing: money 
favorite thing: pictographs 
Joyful Teacher 
son: Dampa the Sailor 
hobby: gossiping 
The Little Tipsters 
card-carrying member of the Joyour Volunteer Association 
talent: dancing 
Shop Guru 
Great Sea
located at Tingle Island 
favorite things: bugs (especially beetles) 
located at Tingle Island 
can be carried in bottles 
personality: honorable, dutiful, and surly 
second leader of pirates 
talent: powering-up 
disguised as King of Red Lions 
loves the Tingle Tuner 
The Hero of Wind and his mysterious boat 
favorite thing: telescopes 
heir to the Hyrulean royal family 
talent: empowering arrows with fire and ice 
talent: searching for sunken treasure 
talent: drawing pictures 
leader of the pirates 
favorite things: fairies, deciphering maps 
favorite food: rocks 

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