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Forced Order
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Random Saga Questions
What happened when Edward first kissed Bella?
Why did Bella think Forks was so bad?
According to the good towns people of Forks who is related to who? (The Cullens)
What is one of the best things about Charlie?
Why does Bella want to go to Port Angeles with Jessica and Angela?
Why does Charlie get so angry when Bella asks about the Cullens?
Why does Edward get angry after Bella figures out what he is?
Why does James react so strongly to Bella?
How does Bella get away from Jasper in Phoenix?
Why does Bella write a letter to Edward while in the hotel room?
What is Bella's excuse for not wanting to go to her birthday party?
Why does Bella bleed at her party?
Who does Edward think would be better for Bella?
Where does Charlie think the Cullens moved to?
How long does Bella stay in her depression before Charlie makes her snap out of it?
Why does Bella start spending so much time with Jacob?
Why does Bella think she's going crazy?
Why does Bella freak out when she finds out Jacob is a werewolf?
Why does Bella go cliffdiving by herself?
Why does Alice come back?
Why does Edward go to Volterra?
What is Edward's plan to make the Volturi kill him?
Random Saga Questions
Why does Edward have 'visitation hours'?
Why is Bella angry at Jacob?
Why does Bella get angry at Edward?
Why does Jacob show up at Forks' High School?
Why does Bella punch Jacob?
What did Rosalie wear to kill Royce?
What does Alice see during the graduation party?
Who's ring did Edward give to Bella when he proposed?
Why does Edward get angry about the Quileutte legend of the Third Wife?
How does Jacob get Bella to kiss him?
Who does Carlisle give the chance to live?
Why do the wolves have to leave before the Volturi arrive?
What happens to Jacob after the epic battle?
Why does Jane keep hurting Bree?
Why is Bella nervous about telling Charlie that she and Edward are getting married?
Why does she dread telling Renee even more?
What reason does Emmett give to Edward so he can dance with Bella?
What happens in the woods at the wedding reception?
Why doesn't Edward want to make love to Bella again?
Why does Edward go into shock?
Why do Rosalie and Bella form a sudden, strong, alliance?
What does Alice drop?

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