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Developed buffers theory
Support of gradual commitment from study of Nazi doctors
Found 84% of ECT patients relapse within 6 months
Meta-analysis found only a correlation between hostility and CHD, not type A personalities
Longitudinal study of university students chances of developing depression
Found 60-70% of ECT patients improve
Found no significant gender differences for LOC
Study of monkeys afraid of snakes to support social learning
Found lower relapse rates for real psychoactive drugs than placebos
Support for prior commitment involving option to reconsider answer
Proposed ABC model
Found no correlation between obedience scores and obedience on Milgram's study
Study of ppts from Friedman and Rosenman 22 years later found no correlation between Type A behaviour and CHD
Criticism of Milgram's study and agency theory
Study of unemployed black youths in London
Study using film '12 angry men'
Study of blister wounds on married couples
Found higher success of antidepressants than placebos
Proposed locus of control
Found external LOC is becoming more common due to social factors
Found psychoanalysis to be more effective than CBT in long term
Study of effectiveness of systematic desensitisation compared to drugs
Found placebos are almost ad good as real psychoactive drugs
Study of depressed patients being treated by ECT or magnetic fields
Case study of girl who was scared of cars to support flooding
Study of locus of control and conformity to gender stereotypes
Proposed classical conditioning
Suggested women may appear less independent because they are taught to be supportive and agreeable
Developed agency theory
Found those with an internal locus of control were more resitant to pressures to obey
Found greater correlation between daily hassles than life events with health
Meta analysis of effectiveness of CBT
Support for desire for individuation involving telling ppts their opinion was unique or common
Found students who scored highly on the hardiness scale were more likely to finish the course

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