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Forced Order
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Found examples that didn't meet rules
Cave study
Study of forward rotating shifts
Study of lengthening shift rotations
Study of sleep state misperception
Study of ppts woken during different stages
Twin study of insomnia
Found a negative correlation between metabolism and sleep
Study of blind ppts
Study of sleep restored after deprivation
Found protein synthesis gene activated during SWS
Study of stress of insomniacs
Genetic study of sleep walking
Found amino acids are onky available for 5 hours
Neuroimaging of insomniacs
Proposed using melatonin to help disruption
Study of chronic illness and insomnia
Study of Korean sleep patterns
Study of hypocretin in mice
Study of sleep deprivation and sleep walking
Family study of sleep walking
Study of newborn sleep and maternal mental health
Basic restoration theory
Found similar sleep patterns in genetically similar species
Study of microarousals
Found prey need more time to eat
Study of REM in narcoleptics
Study of decrease in REM
Study of basketball teams
Study of hypocretin in narcoleptics
Study of chickens

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