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The female protagonist and doppelgänger.
Younger brother of the female lead.
Aunt and legal guardian, killed in Season Three.
Died from saving his daughter, passed on his ring.
Birth mother of the female lead, obsessed with vampires.
Adoptive father of the female protagonist, killed in a car crash.
Adoptive mother of the female protagonist, killed in a car crash.
History teacher at Mystic Falls High School.
Local doctor and member of Founder's Council.
Female doctor at Whitmore College, killed at her wedding.
Twin protected by the Gemini Coven.
Twin protected by the Gemini Coven.
One of the male leads, has a snarky yet charming persona.
One of the male leads and is a doppelgänger.
Great-great-great nephew in the first five episodes of Season One.
Female human, attended Duke University
Father of two vampire sons, killed by his son, abusive businessman.
Mother of the two leading males, supposedly dead.
Vampire companion to one of the male leads.
Doppelgänger born in Bulgaria.
Daughter of a doppelgänger, searches for her mother.
Turned into a vampire, blonde best friend.
Sheriff of Mystic Falls with a vampire daughter.
Member of the town council, leaves wife after revealing he is gay.
Works at Mystic Grill, has a troubled mother and deceased sister.
Troubled girl addicted to drugs, turned into a vampire and killed.
Alcoholic mother who ditched her son.
Witch who later becomes the anchor, best friend of the female lead.
Grandmother witch, dies after a spell overwhelms her.
Mother who abandoned her witch daughter, turned into a vampire.
Handmaiden and powerful witch ancestor.
First successfully created hybrid, football enthusiast.
Werewolf uncle, nephew is a hybrid.
Mayor of Mystic Falls and head of Founder's Council, killed by a tomb vampire.
Member of the Council, has a hybrid son, killed as revenge.
Original vampire, first hybrid.
Female Original vampire, loyal, wants to be human.
Second-oldest of the Original vampire siblings.
Youngest son of the Original Family after his brother's death.
Original vampire, loyal to his mother.
Mother of the Originals, witch that turned her children.
Eldest sister of the Originals.
Vampire who hunts vampires, father of the Originals.
Female werewolf, helps to break the sire bond for the hybrids.
Tomb vampire, daughter helps to free her from the tomb.
Vampire who comes to Mystic Falls to free her mother from the tomb.
Tomb vampire, kindhearted.
Vampire formerly under the imprisonment of the Augustine society.
Former leader of the Armory, distant cousin of the first Augustine vampire,
Human love interest of a vampire imprisoned by the Augustine Society.
Professor at Whitmore College, counducted tests on vampires.
Student at Whitmore College, family killed for revenge.
Student at Whitmore College, transitioned into an Augustine vampire.
First immortal being on earth, wants the cure to be with his true love.
Doppelgänger doctor, lived in Atlanta.
First immortal woman, punished by a witch by becoming the Anchor.
First female doppelgänger created.
Witch who created the first immortality spell and the Other Side.
Male news reporter, member of the Town Council.
Female newscaster, killed by being compelled to jump off a stage.
Witch who owned a bar, killed in Season One.
Daughter of a vampire hunter and pastor, the protagonist was her babysitter previously.
Vampire hunter, member of The Five, appeared when the Town Council was blown up.
Leader of the Travellers, wants doppelgänger blood to break a curse.
Witch attending Whitmore College, part of the Gemini Coven.
Warlock and twin, in the Gemini Coven.
Siphoner trapped in a purgatory dimension for killing most of his siblings.
Older brother of a witch pretending to be a newbie.
Male witch, former leader of the Gemini Coven.
Witch of the Gemini Coven, twin sister, becomes a doctor at Whitmore Hospital.
Vampire, bitten by a werewolf and killed out of mercy, turned her best friend.
Turned by his best friend, was running from the Original Vampires, killed by an Original.
Professor at Whitmore College, used expression magic.
Former police officer and vampire hunter, accidentally killed by her fiancé.
Human girlfriend of one of the male leads in Season Six.
First ever psychic, known as the Devil and creator of Hell.
Witch-vampire hybrid, member of the heretics.
Warlock, burned to death by a flamethrower.
Warlock father, killed by someone snapping his neck.
Vampire hunter, 'One of the Five', starves to death on the island.
Vampire hunter, descendent of a Founding Family, seen in Season Six.
Medical student at Whitmore College, dates female protagonist briefly.
Heretic, fun and humorous.
Heretic seen in Season Six.

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