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Can you name the words that make up this NBA playoff themed word ladder?

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LA Clippers PG
Cover for coffin or tomb
Drug form
Opening that allows fish to breathe
With 'monster,' a type of venomous lizard
Celebration or type of apple
Simba's lioness wife
United States space organization
Phoenix PG
Money in physical form
Instance or court trial
Apply too much makeup
With 'pump,' pretend to shoot
Fee paid to take the bus
Situated at or toward the front
Spoon's counterpart
What is popped before enjoying bubbly
Thunder SG
Type of bird or old man
What dirties Santa's suit
An attempt to score
Place to buy goods
Pig feed
Strike with one's palm
Part 1 of Blake Griffin's specialty
Where two pieces of fabric come together
Collection of players
Udder or breast
South Beach's squad
Cure or repair
Opposite of Heaven
Indiana SG or Phoenix SF
List of fees or charges
Utah SG
Sing loudly or something that holds up pants
Animal skin
An annoyance
Area on the court split into 'high' and 'low'
One of the Spice Girls
Miami PF
Person in charge
LA Lakers owner
They enclose hamburgers or hot dogs
Capital of Arizona's troop
Plummeted or fell
Part 2 of Blake Griffin's specialty
Sand pile or small hill
Complete or finished
Measure of medicine
Chicago PG
Trick or deceit
Disrespectful or unpleasant
Commute with or what backups do to the bench
Helper or assistant
End result of untreated HIV
Who Trix are for
Dallas PG
Nice or generous
Obey or brain
Fix or doctor
List of food choices
San Antonio SG
Spanish word for 'hand'
Memphis SG
They follow Aprils
More than one bluebird or shorthand for jumpers
Part owner of the Nets
Salt Lake City's crew

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