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Can you name the words that can be typed with only one hand (left or right) that fit the description (volume 2)?

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What Ball Park franks do when cooked
Sliding compartment in a desk
Popular game at a bar
Front of the head
Organization of workers
Native American tribe
Rubbish or stuff you no longer want
Common form of medication
Small amount or to copy a picture
Victoria has one
Group of words in a song
Furnace or oven
To relax
What a surfer rides
What you do after you hop and skip
Song praising a higher power
Type of wood
Meditates in a monastery
Very tasty
King of the jungle
Widespread fad
Relaxing amenity at a hotel
Fold line seen in dress pants
Can be bulletproof or worn by a groomsman
Incredible and green
Female flight attendant
Frosty was this type of happy soul
One of the senses
Middle of the day

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