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QUIZ: Can you name the words that can be typed with only one hand (left or right) that fit the description?

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A U.S. state
Where waste drains to
To welcome someone
Chopping this requires tissues
To go from liquid to solid
Candy that inspired Lil Wayne
A country
To use one's energy
Japanese garment
Nutritious part of an egg
Running a high temperature
What lost dog finders get
Sign of breast cancer
Archer's focus
Oreo's best friend
Respond to something
Name of a top hat-wearing cricket
Marker at the corner of an end zone
Mushy processed corn
Someone who is fake
Eternal resting place
Often purified and bottled
Always saving Zelda
1 followed by 6 zeroes
Another country
Makes a good pie
Follows the entree
Taxonomic rank
Lemon peel shaving
Ellen Page movie
Another U.S. state

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