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Can you name the three-letter words that use one letter from each row of the keyboard?

Updated Jul 25, 2012

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Not her, but ___
Candle ingredient
Actor ___ Gibson
Zero, zilch, nada
Electrocute or destroy
Terminate or cease
Precious stone
Attila the ___
eBay action
Lion's lair or room in a house
___ Rummy
A crow's call
Shake head in agreement
Disney's 'The ___ and the Hound'
Actress ___ Longoria
Woman's undergarment
Something opened at a bar
Like a sweet potato
Annoy or a pesky insect
Fish that's often beer-battered
It's used to find treasure
A lumberjack's tool
Type of sandwich or prefix for underneath
Alternate spelling of last letter of alphabet
Amusement or mirth
Where cranberries grow
Witch's evil spell
'Snap into a Slim ___!'
___ choy (Chinese vegetable)
It's 'kid tested and mother approved'
Pretend or a part in a play
A tawny tone of brown
By means of
Task or career
Shark presence indicator
Stewie Griffin's sister
Las Vegas crime show
TV network with Sesame Street and Nova
Superman enemy ___ Luthor

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