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Can you name the Assorted questions about he hunger games??

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This is the questionWhat is the answer?
The country's name?
The amount of contestants are there in the hunger games(excluding year 50)
The Hunger games are they on as of book 1 (including that one)
The amount oftimes would your name go in if you were 12 and you needed 3 terrace
The chances of making it to the final 6
Katniss' main enemy
Katniss' main ally
The weapon is katniss good with
The name gale calls Katniss
Age that you are not put in the drawing bowl
Current president of the country
Name for a solider
The number of districts in book 1
The number of districts in book 3
The number of districts before the dark ages
The district of the first person to die in the 74th hunger games
The district of the person Katniss killed first
Peeta's first and only kill
Katniss' mentor
Katniss' sister
Name of the girl who gave Katniss the pin
The district gale moved to in the end of the series
The name for mutation in panem
What bird did the jabber jays breed with To form mocking jays
What Katniss thought district thirteen specialized in
The golden item in the center in every hunger games is called
What happens to you if ou step off the metal plate before the sixty seconds are up
The leader of district thirteen's GENDER
The name of the second book
These people are servants to the Capitol and cannot speak for they had thei tounges cut off
This is the questionWhat is the answer?
What started the revolution
What Katniss covered rue in when she died
The name of mutations that Katniss used to kill glimmer
What Katniss almost died from in the first few days of the 74th hunger games
The building at the center of every district
The part of district 12 Katniss lived in before we won the games
Where Katniss' father died
The local black market in district 12
The fence around district twelve should be this 24/7/365
The amount of victors dead and alive tht district twelve has had
What greasy sae calls'beef' once it is in her stew
Last person to die in hunger games 74
What caused the hunger games to form
The number of kids in the 50th hunger games
What the president smells like
What district 1 specializes in
What district 2 specializes in
What district 3 specializes in
What district 4 specializes in
What district 5 specializes in
What district 6 specializes in
What district 7 specializes in
What district 8 specializes in
What district 9 specializes in
What district 10 specializes in
What district 11 specializes in
What district 12 specializes in
What district 13 specializes in
What the arena form catching fire was
Who is better, Peeta or Gale

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