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This is the 5th full-length album by The Smashing Pumpkins
This next song is from the album mentioned above, and also has the word 'machine' in its name
The first two words of the last song is a type of music. This next song is something you might say to somebody playing that type of music, if you enjoy it.
The first word of the last song is the same as the last word of this next song
The first word of the last song is a creature. The first word of this next song is the First name of a specific person who is this creature, found in mythology.
The creature mentioned in the last clue makes a person fall in ____
Take the last answer and find the 'true version' to find the next song
Take the first word of the last answer, and insert it in this next blank. In this next song, the lyrics say 'you make me ____, Strong as I feel'
This last song has a person's name in it. The next song, found on the same album, also has a name, but was written for Billy Corgan's mother
This next song also has a female's name in it, but it also has the album's name in it
Yet another song with a female's name in it, but also an animal. Still on the same album.
This is what you would put on the animal in the last answer if it was dangerous
The letter that appears twice in the last song name, is the now the first letter of the next song name. Same album
The last song was a number. This next song, from the same album, is also a number, but not a year.
This next song, from the same album, IS a year
If the item in the name of this next song was put in its jar in the year in the last song, then by now it would have gone bad.
This next song comes directly before the last one on the album Siamese Dream
This next song is another name for the country found in the last song
The country in the last song coined the phrase 'In ___ we trust' This word in the blank is also found in the next song.
The last word of the last clue is also found in this Smashing Pumpkins album title

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