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Can you name the language of origin for the following English loanwords?

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ExamplesLanguage of Origin
Coral, Jubilee, Leviathan
Coach, Hussar, Shako
Assassin, Coffee, Zero
Asbestos, Gymnasium, Tyrant
Drip, Kidnap, Skulk
Canoe, Hammock, Hurricane
Armada, Lagoon, Stampede
Igloo, Kayak, Mukluk
Bazaar, Caravan, Shawl
Howitzer, Polka, Robot
Boondocks, Cooties, Yo-Yo
Bagel, Klutz, Yenta
Guano, Llama, Puma
Sherpa, Yak, Yeti
Hula, Luau, Ukulele
Bludgeon, Gull, Puffin
Fjord, Lemming, Slalom
Commando, Trek, Wildebeest
Crowd, Flannel, Penguin
Caviar, Tulip, Yoghurt
Dyke, Jeer, Yacht
Raccoon, Tomahawk, Wigwam
Futon, Ninja, Tycoon
Balaclava, Borscht, Cossack
ExamplesLanguage of Origin
Horde, Mazurka, Pierogi
Clan, Glen, Plaid
Blitz, Lager, Waltz
Anchovy, Bizarre, Jingo
Boogie, Gorilla, Mojo
Bungalow, Dinghy, Tom-Tom
Cash, Curry, Pariah
Chopsuey, Gung Ho, Wok
Chili, Coyote, Tomato
Boomerang, Dingo, Koala
Banshee, Galore, Shanty
Corduroy, Gourmet, Sabotage
Bistro, Mammoth, Troika
Ginseng, Kung Fu, Typhoon
Bamboo, Junk, Paddy
Haka, Kiwi, Moa
Boulder, Smorgasbord, Wicker
Bravo, Maestro, Umbrella
Cashew, Piranha, Tapioca
Cheetah, Jungle, Shampoo
Circus, Index, Quota
Geyser, Narwhal, Saga
Avatar, Dharma, Nirvana
Breeze, Flamingo, Massage

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