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Can you name the 4-letter rungs in the following 'Oregon Trail'-themed word ladder?

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Hint4-letter wordRung
• Best party health rating in Oregon Trail1
'You can only carry 200 lbs of ____ back to your wagon'2
To trick or dupe3
A thin sheet of metal (e.g., aluminum, tin)4
To not win5
• 2nd best health rating in Oregon Trail6
A set of two7
A small metal bucket for filling8
A horse's back end9
Grueling or strenuous work10
An instrument for work (e.g., hammer or axle wrench)11
A small body of water, usually shallow enough to ford12
• Lower health rating in Oregon Trail13
Building's entryway14
A sad or terrible fate15
A meager college dwelling16
French artist and engraver Gustav18
Truth or ___19
A female horse in your party20
Mother of Jesus21
Change or not remain steady22
• 2nd worst health rating: ____ [Rung 13]23
An action word (e.g., hunt, rest, talk)24
Plant parts used for medicine or flavoring25
A group of buffalo or deer, for instance26
A horse's front end27
• Adjective relating lowest Oregon Trail rating28

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