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January 7: The first transatlantic phone call is made from NYC to this European city.
February: This creator and namesake of a financial scheme is caught fleeing for Italy.
March: Arthur Conan Doyle's last story starring this detective is published.
March 1: This German physicist publishes his famous uncertainty principle for quantum mechanics.
April 12: Communist supporters in this city are killed, sparking the 22-year Chinese Civil War.
April 23: This team wins the FA Cup, marking the only time it has been won by a non-English team.
April 22-May 5: The most destructive river flood in US history occurs when this river overflows its banks.
May 9: This city replaces Melbourne as capital of Australia.
May 11: Several film-industry leaders form this organization, which so many Oscar winners are obliged to thank.
May 18: The largest school-based mass murder in US history occurs at the Bath Consolidated School in this US state.
May 20-21: The first solo non-stop transatlantic flight is completed by this aviator.
July: A secret meeting of Gov. Benjamin Strong and leaders of these European banks (name one bank) led the U.S. to sharply increase inflation, an ostensible cause of the 1929 crash
August 23: These Italian-born anarchists are executed in Massachusetts despite worldwide protests claiming injustice. (Either name is sufficient)
September 7: This inventor of the modern television demonstrates the first all-electric TV.
September 22: A title rematch at Soldier Field in this sport simultaneously becomes the first entertainment event to gate $1 mil. and gate $2 mil.
October 6: This film opens as the first feature-length talkie (film with synchronized dialog.)
October 5-8: The Yankees sweep the World Series completing the season most associated with this killer nickname.
November 12: This soviet leader is expelled from the communist party, leaving Stalin to reign virtually unopposed.
November 12: Gandhi makes his first and only visit to what he called the ''resplendent pendant' on the Indian necklace.
November 12: This tunnel under the Hudson river opens as the first ever long tunnel for automobiles.
December 2: Ford begins selling this follow-up to the discontinued Model T.
December 27: This groundbreaking musical, regarded as the first 'musical play' and source of musical standards like 'Ol Man River', opens on Broadway.
December 30: The 'first underground in the East', the Ginza line, opens in this Asian city.

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