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QUIZ: Can you name the rungs in this word ladder of Battle Room lessons from Ender's Game?

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☆ Battle Room entrance, your's is up ☆
The broadest muscles of the back
Allows to happen
☆ Use these as a sheild to prevent being completely frozen by enemy fire ☆
A lumberjack's products
A set of bathrooms
Common aquatic bird
☆ Your army division is called this; most commanders use 4, Ender uses 5 ☆
A human settlement larger than a village and smaller than a city
☆ The direction of the enemy's [entrance] ☆
Soft or wolly feathers
Barbie or Cabbage Patch
N. American horned sheep
☆ Slide along this to stay hidden or jump off to move towards the center of the room ☆
A hole for water
'You can ring my ____'
Mathematical conjecture with $1 mil. prize still waiting for its proof/disproof
☆ Go to this youngest classmate for advise or deadline ☆
Connery or 'Diddy' Combs
Burn or char the surface of something
☆ Hide behind this obstacle or use it for movement ☆
'Immediately' to a nurse or a measure of performance to an athelete
A reviewer's marking that means ignore my correction, leave it how it was
Raw beef or mutton fat used in frying pastries
☆ When you're shot, this becomes rigid or frozen ☆
Ejected saliva or the rod that holds rotisserie meat
☆ Jump into the room with this twisting motion so glancing shots don't have time to freeze you ☆
A gene that encodes Msx2-interacting protein or the stylus for a Samsung Galaxy S Note
☆ You need four unfrozen teammates to do this to the enemy's door (plus one teammate to enter) ☆

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