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Can you name the titles of these Beatles songs from their lyrics to form chains?

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LyricsSong Chain
'Try to realize it's all within yourself' + 'So act your age'
'I can't conceive of any more misery' + 'No one will be watching us'
'You find that all her words of kindness linger on' + 'Come on baby don't be cold as ice'
' Treasure these few words 'til we're together' + ' You've tried before to leave me'
'For tomorrow may rain' + 'Quando paramucho mi amore'
'Well they took some honey from the tree' + 'It's not the way you kiss that tears me apart' + ' You'll never leave me and you know it's true'
'My head is filled with things to say' + 'If I catch you talking to that boy again' + 'A touch can mean so much'
'Pride can hurt you, too, apologize to her' + 'Step on the gas and wipe that tear away' + 'You're loving gives me a thrill'
'If the sun has faded away' + 'There's noting you can know that isn't known' + 'Someone to love, someone like you' + 'Let me whisper in your ear'
'Will you walk away from a fool and his money?' + 'I'll be good like I know I should' + 'So many tears I was wasting' + 'She got everything that Uncle John need'

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