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Can you name all Terraria:NPCs?

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DescriptionNPCsSelf-Defense Weapons
Provides tips,crafting recipes,and a general guide on how to get other NPCsWooden Bow
Sells basic tools and suppliesThrowing Knife
Heals players and cancels debuffs in exchange for coinsPoisoned Knife
Sells explosive itemsGrenades
Sells the Dye Vat crafting station,and provides reward dyes in exchange for rare plantsExotic Scimitar
Sells Nature/Corruption/Crimson items,and can report the percentage of Corruptio/Crimson and Hallow in the worldDryad's Blessing
Sells guns,bullets and other ammunitonFlintlock Pistol/Minishark
Can change the player's hair style and sells hair dyesStylish Scissors
Sells paints,painting tools and PaintingsPaintball Gun
Gives fishing quests and rewards players for completing themFrost Daggerfish
Sells items such as the Tinkerer's Workshop,and can reforge itemsSpiky Balls
Sells the Blowgun,the Imbuing Station,summoner equipments and FountainsBlowgun
Sells some Vanity items,including the Familiar clothesBook of Skulls
DescriptionNPCsSelf-Defense Weapons
Sells the Wrench,Wire and other Mechanism-related items,including the Mechanic Rod under certain conditionsWrench
Sells items that create colorful visual effectsConfetti Gun/Happy Grenade
Sells the Cannon and other Pirate-related itemsGun/Cannon
Sells the Autohammer,Mushroom Spear and other mushroom-themed itemsMushroom Spore
Sells magical itemsFlower of Fire
Sells the Clentaminator,Teleporter,Jetpack and other itemsClockwork Assault Rifle
Sells the Proximity Mine Launcher,Rockets and NanitesRocket
Sells the Santa costume,colored lights,Christmas trees and its decorationsBauble
Collects property taxes from other NPCsClassy Cane
Stays for 1 day,sells a random selection of unique items each dayRevolver/Pulse Bow
Found at the entrance to the Dungeon
Sells items based on the lunar cycleBone

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