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Buffs and DebuffsEffects
 Gives the player 20% chance to not consume ammo
 Arrow speed and damage from bows and repeater sis increased by 20%
 Enemy NPC spawn rate increases
 Increase block and wall placement speed and range(+1 range)
 Reduces enemy aggression
 Higher chance to fish up a crate
 Highlights traps
 Every source of damage is reduced
 Slows the players falling speed
 Fishing power increased
 Movement speed won't be affected by liquids
 Allows the player to breathe underwater
 Player gravity can be reversed
 Improved heart pickup range
 Allows the player to find enemy NPCs easily
 Player takes reduced damage,but also reduces the damage dealt
 Summons a fire barrier around the player
 Make the player invisible
 Cause the defense of the player to increase by 8
 Increased max health
 Floating hearts appear around you
 Magic damage is increased by 20%
 Mana regenerates quicker
 Increases mining speed
 Allows to see light better
 Cause the player to become invulnerable to lava
 Increase critical strike chance by 20%
 Player's life regeneration speed is increased
 Makes the player shine to see properly
 See the name of your catch while fishing
 Allows the player to see ores and chests more clearly
 +1 Minion capacity
 Increases the players speed by 25%
 Melee attackers take a small amount of damage upon harming the player
 Inflicts -4 defense,grants 2% critical hit on melee attacks,+10% attack speed and damage
 Increases knockback of all weapons
 Reduces damage from cold themed enemies
 Allows the player to walk on water,honey and lava
 Increases weapon damage by 10%
 Consuming food items gives the player a few improvements
 Melee attacks cause bursts of confetti
 Melee attacks inflict Cursed Inferno debuff on enemies
 Melee attacks inflict On Fire! debuff on enemies
Buffs and DebuffsEffects
 Melee attacks inflict Midas debuff on enemies
 Melee attacks inflict Ichor debuff on enemies
 Melee attacks inflict Confuseddebuff on enemies
 Melee attacks inflict Venom debuff on enemies
 15% reduced damage taken for each beetle(Up to 45%).Each hit received removes a beetle
 10% increased melee damage and speed for each beetle(Up to 30%)
 15% increased damage for 8 seconds
 Grants 25% damage reduction/30 defense
 Gives improved life regeneration
 Increased health regeneration by 4 per second for 8 seconds
 Increased mana regeneration for 8 seconds
 Turns the player into a merfolk when the player enters water,allowing infinite breathing and better swimming
 Cause the player to move more quickly after taking damage
 Gives improved life regeneration
 Allows the player to dodge upcoming attack.Two clones of the player will appear,mimicking the player's movements
 Solar shields generate over time protecting you,consume the shield power to dash,damaging enemies
 Summons a stardust guardian to fight for you
 Gives improvements to physical abilities,as well as giving the player a cosmetic werewolf skin
 Right clicking on an Ammo Box gives the player a 20% chance not to consume ammo
 Right clicking on a placed Bewitching Table increases number of maximum minions by +1
 Right clicking on a placed Crystal Ball increase the player's magic power
 Right clicking on a placed Sharpening Stone increases melee weapon armor penetration by 4
 Gives improved life regeneration to nearby players
 Increases your defense by 8
 Movement speed increased(18%) and monster spawns reduced
 Gives improved life regeneration to nearby players
 Player's life regenerates while standing in honey and for 30 seconds after exiting it
 Enemy NPC spawn rate decreases
 Gives improved mana regeneration to nearby players
 Summons a baby slime to fight for you
 Summons a hornet to fight for you
 Summons an imp to fight for you
 Summons a spider to fight for you
 Summons twins to fight for you
 Summons pirates to fight for you
 Summons a pygmy to fight for you
 Summons a UFO to fight for you
 Summons a raven to fight for you
 Summons sharknados to fight for you
 Summons a deadly sphere to fight for you
 Summons a Stardust Dragon to fight for you
 Summons a Stardust Cell to fight for you.'Cultivate the most beautiful cellular infection'
 Prevents the player from regenerating life naturally
Buffs and DebuffsEffects
 Players turn green,slowly lose life over time,and can't regenerate life
 Players are engulfed with flames,lose life over time,and can't regenerate life
 Players turn purple,lose life over time,and can't regenerate life
 Lowers the brightness of light
 Severely lowers the brightness of light,making it impossible to see
 Prevents the player from using anything that requires mana
 Prevents the player from using anything
 Movement is reversed
 Slows down the player's speed
 Cause the player's physical abilities to decrease
 Cause the player's defense to go down to half of its normal defense
 Acts as a warning to prevent the player from attempting to escape the Underworld
 Pulls the player,through tiles,directly in front of the Wall of Flesh
 Ignites the player with cursed flames that deal damage over time.Cursed flames can't be extinguished by water
 Cause the player to glow yellow along with the loss of 20 defense
 Slows down the player's speed
 Prevents the player from moving or using anything
 Player drips water
 Cause the player to be stuck in the spot where they were hit
 Prevents the player from moving or using anything and damages the player
 Causes the player to float upwards and downwards randomly
 Darkens the screen almost completely,except for a small area around the player
 Cause the player to take significant damage when moving and small amount of damage when not moving
 Increases player damage but decreases health regeneration and applies other random debuffs
 Prevents the player from healing via Vampire Knives or Spectre Hood
 Magic damage is reduced by 25%,the amount of damage reduced is reduced by 5% every second
 Prevents the player from drinking healing potions and restoration potions
 Takes life whenever a player uses the Rod of Discord too frequently
 Player loses life overtime when buried in Sand,Slush or Silt
 Player burns,losing life,life regeneration speed and movement speed
 Green fumes appear around you
 Whenever a player stands near a Water Candle that is placed(not in hand)
 Affected player or enemies lose life over time and can't regenerate life
 Causes affected enemies to drop more coins usually on death
 Completely immobilizes affected enemies
 Player drips blue goo and gains a blue tint
 Deals 5 damage per second to the target
 Causes affected enemies lasting damage for up to 15 seconds
 Causes affected enemies lasting damage for up to 15 seconds
 Causes affected enemies lasting damage
 Causes affected enemies lasting damage
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