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Can you name all the Pokemon from the Rikoto region?

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Pokedex Number/InfoPokemonsType
301/Snowman PokemonIce
302/Snowman PokemonIce
303/Polar Cub PokemonIce
304/Polar Bear PokemonIce/Fighting
305/Polar Bear PokemonIce/Fighting
306/Mammoth PokemonIce/Ground
307/Mamoth PokemonIce/Ground
308/Seal PokemonIce/Water
309/Seal PokemonIce/Water
310/Seal PokemonIce/Water
311/Yeti PokemonIce/Dark
312/Yeti PokemonIce/Dark
313/Snowy Owl PokemonIce/Flying
314/Snowy Owl PokemonIce/Flying
315/Temperature PokemonFire/Ice
316/Temparature PokemonFire/Ice
317/Summit PokemonIce/Rock
318/Summit PokemonIce/Rock
319/Glacier PokemonIce/Rock
320/Llama PokemonIce/Normal
321/Llama PokemonIce/Normal
322/Penguin PokemonWater/Ice
323/Penguin PokemonWater/Ice
Pokedex Number/InfoPokemonsType
324/Songbird PokemonPsychic/Fairy
325/Songbird PokemonPsychic/Fairy
326/Knifefish PokemonWater/Electric
327/Chameleon PokemonElectric
328/Chameleon PokemonElectric
329/Palm Tree PokemonGrass
330/Palm Tree PokemonGrass/Rock
331/Mosaic PokemonPsychic
332/Mosaic PokemonPsychic
333/Laser PokemonSteel/Electric
334/Laser PokemonSteel/Electric
335/Laser PokemonSteel/Electric
336/Machine PokemonSteel
337/Machine PokemonSteel
338/Machine PokemonSteel
339/U.F.O PokemonSteel/Psychic
340/U.F.O PokemonSteel/Psychic
341/U.F.O PokemonSteel/Psychic
342/Reptile PokemonGrass/Dragon
343/Reptile PokemonGrass/Dragon
344/Reptile PokemonGrass/Dragon
345/Raptor PokemonFire/Dragon
346/Raptor PokemonFire/Dragon
Pokedex Number/InfoPokemonsType
347/Raptor PokemonFire/Dragon
348/Seahorse PokemonWater/Dragon
349/Seahorse PokemonWater/Dragon
350/Seahorse PokemonWater/Dragon
351/Thundercloud PokemonElectric/Dragon
352/Thundercloud PokemonElectric/Dragon
353/Thundercloud PokemonElectric/Dragon
354/Whimsical PokemonFairy/Dragon
355/Whimsical PokemonFairy/Dragon
356/Whimsical PokemonFairy/Dragon
357/Greenery PokemonGrass
358/Mantle PokemonFire
359/Ocean PokemonWater
360/Gale PokemonFlying
361/Spark PokemonElectric
362/Order PokemonFire/Psychic
363/Chaos PokemonDark/Psychic
364/Balance PokemonNormal/Psychic
365/Falling Star PokemonPsychic/Steel
366/Well-being PokemonFairy/Grass
367/Contaminating PokemonPoison/Dark
368/Jewelry PokemonRock/Fairy

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