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Name all the Omni units in Brave Frontier

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Absolute ZeroWater
Abyssal WitchFire
Accursed CalamityDark
Ace AssasssinFire
Algor HalcyonWater
Alluring EmpressWater
Angelic StarLight
Auric EchoThunder
Bad Lands QueenWater
Battle AdmiralFire
Bennu EdgeThunder
Bitter ManipulatorThunder
Bizarre SightEarth
Blazing AdmonitionFire
Blazing DragonFire
Blazing EmperorFire
Blazing PhoenixFire
Boundless PeaksEarth
Brave EmperorLight
Brave LeaderFire
Callow FlameFire
Callow ShadowDark
Celestial PlateThunder
Celestial WingsLight
Chain MagisterWater
Chivalrous ThiefEarth
Colossal SpiritThunder
Cosmic BeingWater
Crystalline BlueWater
Dancing FlamesFire
Dark AllureWater
Dark DestructionDark
Dark PathLight
Deadly IllusionDark
Death SoulDark
Demon ManipulatorDark
Demonic WitchDark
Disnomian EmperorDark
Divine DragonEarth
Divine LawThunder
Divine RogueEarth
Draconic EmperorFire
Dragon MotherWater
Dusk StarThunder
Ebil GeniusWater
Eggspert HuntressLight
Eldritch RockerDark
Emerald TuskEarth
Eternal GoddessEarth
Eternal RadianceThunder
Fabled EmperorFire
Final PetalEarth
Flashing ThiefThunder
Flourished BloomEarth
Fulgur HalcyonThunder
Furious GeneralFire
Furious ThunderThunder
Gallant SpiritWater
Glacial WingsWater
Glorious HeroLight
Glorious ShineLight
Godly CommandLight
Graceful AngelLight
Graceful PrincessDark
Gracious ChampionLight
Great GeneralWater
Hailing BladesWater
Halting VictoryDark
Heavenless BushiDark
Heavenly RiftFire
Heavenly SpiralEarth
Hellborne HoneypotDark
Heroic LeaderEarth
Howling WolfLight
Ideal SubjectLight
Ignis HalcyonFire
Ignis VestaeFire
Immortal FirewingFire
Imperial ChainDark
Inception GodLight
Infernal PyreFire
Infinity StarsageEarth
Inquisitive SoulThunder
Knight of Holy LightLight
Laughing DevilThunder
Lightning MenaceThunder
Lovely PrincessDark
Lux HalcyonLight
Magnanimous BoltThunder
Malachite SteelEarth
Mankai SakuraLight
Master SageLight
Mechanic GoddessLight
Metal FlowerLight
Midnight JudgeDark
Militant LeaderDark
Mobile PathfinderLight
Oceanic MirrorWater
Overflowing SeaWater
Owlrider JuteThunder
Pure GeneralLight
Pyro FlailFire
Radiant GuardianThunder
Roaring EmpressDark
Roaring SkiesThunder
Roaring ThunderThunder
Ruby SuccessorFire
Ruinous DespoilerDark
Ruling GodDark
Sacred AshesFire
Sacred EmperorLight
Sacred FloraEarth
Sacred GodLight
Sacred JudgeWater
Sacred PurposeLight
Sacred ShiftThunder
Sage GodWater
Salacia PerseiWater
Sapphire DragonWater
Sapphire NobleWater
Scorching FangFire
Silent SentinelThunder
Silva KhopeshEarth
Silver QueenLight
Soul EaterDark
Sovereign GodDark
Starpyre LancerFire
Steel MagusEarth
Strife GodDark
Sublime DarknessDark
Sunless WardenFire
Supreme CholFire
Supreme EmperorLight
Terra HalcyonEarth
Third EyeLight
Tidal StormsurgeWater
Titanbane PrimusDark
Torch EccentricFire
Torrential ScarWater
Torturous GriefLight
Treasure DemonDark
Triumphant BlazeFire
Umbra HalcyonDark
Undying FlameFire
Vesta PadmaFire
Vexing MonarchLight
Victorious GeneralEarth
Viper BlitzkreigThunder
Viridian FlagEarth
Void PashaDark
Void WalkerDark
War ManiacDark
White DeathWater
White WulfEarth
Wind PrincessEarth

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