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Hymn sung in the Akras Summoner's Hall
A song the poet Farner used to sing in public
'My song was born of blood and sweat'-Ralph
'What a world I found outside the gate'-Daskel
A famous song highly valued in Grand Gaia
A memorial gift when the Arena was built
An ancient song found in the Guria Borough
A popular song in the Village of the Venturer
'How can I best convey this feeling'-Daskel
A song from the Caves of Flames
Sheet music found in the Egor Snowfield
A tune found along with a lone Summoner's diary
A tune found in the Magutagal Wetlands
An old piece by Maya,found in the Mirza Ruins
A precious music sphere used by birds in nests
A song made famous by Mel,a composer from Kiri
A tune recovered from the Kagan Desert
A song discovered in the Venatanian Monastery
'Here,I am reborn'-Lamea
A rare tune from the Asekutt Wastelands
Sheet music found in a library in Lystia
A song brought back by the 7th Demon Slayers
A song by the composer 'God's Hands'Bell
A rare tune from St. Lamia Palace
A piece composed by musicians from Arlind
A mysterious piece of unknown origin
A super rare piece with the mark of the Creator
A valuable piece found in Ruvara
A dreamy tune traded in underground markets
A popular tune among the wealth in Elgaia
A song discovered in uncharted territory
A hymn unearthed from beneath the Greskya Caves
'All should fear the power of the gods'-Paris
A song based on the piece found by the World Tree
A mysterious song found in the Valtan Fortress
A melody famous in the Imperial Capital Randall
A tune found in the mines of Cordelica
A strange tune played in the Land of Giants
Traditional ceremonial song of the Capital
Requiem dsong for the victims of Julep Village
Music sphere found in Sky Fort Solaris
Hymn celebrating the 4 Heroes of Palmyna
Anthem played when the Demon Slayers mobilize
Composed by Eric while watching soldiers fight
Tune meant to send a chill down your spine...
Mysterious song passed down in Grand Gaia
A tune popular with the youngsters of Randall
Old music sphere found in Miasma Swamp mud
Agni era tune found in Lightning Forest Zaljiba
Music sphere discovered in the Ryvern Mountains
Ancient sphere found playing in the white tower
Tune discovered in the base of the Agni Knights
Mysterious piece found in an underwater temple
A piece carved into a grave in Arvest Snowfield
Cape Narasta's maidens's prayer for safe voyages
'Dedicated to those who defy the gods.'-G.F.
Fighting song from the great war with the gods
Mysterious song composed from a revelation
A tune that express incomprehensible fear
A popular ancient song said to be from Randall
Sphere holding valuable data from the underworld
Ancient memories and hope brought back to life
Popular Randall tune arranged for another world
Traditional tune arranged for another world
Sphere with valuable cultural data of Ishgria

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