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QUIZ: Can you name the BBC Merlin Characters?

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The destiny of a great kingdom rests on his shoulders.
The prince of Camelot
The king of Camelot
The king's ward
The king's ward's half sister
The court physician
Arthur's love
The main character's mother
The main character's father
The druid boy
The first knight of the round table
Muscular knight
The last of his kind, speaks in riddles
Old Merlin's cover name
Aids in a tavern fight, later a knight
Arthur's uncle
Sacrifices himself at the Island of the Blessed
Gwen's father
Gwen's knight brother
Morgana's once-mentioned mother
High Priest of the old religion, kidnaps Gaius
Magical, manipulative girl who turns the knights against Merlin
Mordred's love interest, a druid girl
The Black Night
A love interest for Arthur due to an enchantment. She may be beautiful, but she's incredibly rude!
The king of Essetir
A king and overprotective father of Vivian
Antagonist sorceress for the first series
Princess possessed by a Sidhe
The above princess's pixie servant
Merlin's best friend of his childhood
The Lady of the Lake
Gaius's ex-fiancée
Impersonated by a troll
A king and powerful sorcerer from the Perilous Lands
Has a serpent shield, killed by Arthur
Talented singer impersonated by Mary Collins
Arthur's mother

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