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Chieftain of Cherusci tribe; led Germanic coalition to victory over 3 Roman legions in Battle of the Teutoburg Forest
Leader of Celtic tribe who sacked Rome in 390 BC
Catastrophic defeat of Romans in Second Punic War
Region in present-day Romania conquered by Emperor Trajan
Civilization in Northern Italy; first victim of Roman expansion
War of attrition strategy used by Romans against Hannibal during Second Punic War
Region conquered by Julius Caesar in 58-50 BC
Carthaginian general in Second Punic War who crossed the Alps and invaded Italy
British tribe that rose against Romans in 60-61 AD led by Queen Boudica
City sacked by Titus in 70 AD
Simon bar ______, leader of Jewish uprising in 132 AD
Main unit of Roman army, consisting of about 6000 soldiers
King of Pontus who fought three wars from 88-63 BC against Rome
Northern African tribe, allies of Rome in Punic Wars
Military leader who deposed the last Western Roman emperor
Roman general who led successful campaign against pirates; defeated by Caesar in Civil War
First name of Fabius Maximus Verrucosus Cunctator, deemed by some the father of guerilla warfare
River in Italy famously crossed by Caesar, leading to Civil War
Thracian gladiator who led slave uprising 73-71 BC
Germanic tribe which, along with the Cimbri, invaded Italy until defeated in 101 BC
North African city where Cato the Younger commited suicide after being defeated by Caesar
First Etruscan city occupied by Rome in 396 BC
Deciding battle of Second Punic War, sealing Roman victory

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