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Can you name the Clash of clans awnsers?

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1st troop in barracks
2nd troop in barracks
3rd troop in barracks
4th troop in barracks
5th troop in barracks
6th troop in barracks
7th troop in barracks
8th troop in barracks
9th troop in barracks
10th troop in barracks
1st troop in dark barracks
2nd troop in dark barracks
3rd troop in dark barracks
4th troop in dark barracks
what color are level 4 walls?
how many town hall levels are there?
what is the name of the last campaign mission?
how many wizards can a level 3 clan castle hold?
how many gems do you get for 10 dollars?
what is the most amount of troops you can attack with? (including clan caslte donations)
how much does it cost to remove a tree trunk
in the start-up/loading screen how many TYPES of troops are in the picture?
how much dark elixir does a barbarian king cost?
what shape is a gem?
what level do you have to be to get a pekka statue?
what is the name of the achievement that is about destroying mortars?
what is the name of the top player in the world?
what colors are on north 44's clan sheild? (use 'and' in awnser)
in global chat, if you get banned, how long do you get banned for?
what are the color of level five barbarians helmets?
how many times more damage does a wall breaker do on walls?
what company made clash of clans?
how long does it take to upgrade a hidden tesla to level 2?
the highest level archer you can get is...?
How many leagues are there?
Which protection shield cost 250 gems?
What is the highest level a cannons can be?
How many gems does a 3rd builders hut cost?
what resource do you need for a barbarian king?
what defense does splash damage, and has a range of 7 tiles?
In your town, three sides are surrounded by trees and the other side has...?
what building allows you to upgrade troops?
what building allows you to make spells?

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