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Humans can no longer procreate. (Except for one girl).2006
The story of Carl Brashear, the first African American (and the first amputee) US Navy Diver.2000
Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan hate each other in real life, but fall in love over the internet.1998
Spoiler Alert: The Permian High Panthers of Odessa, Texas lose the state championship at the end.2004
John Cusack's girlfriend dumps him, he blows up his neighbor's mom, and he hates a rival skier in town.1985
A psychiatrist loses his mind when Bill Murray visits him on a family vacation.1991
Natalie Portman hates her skanky, directionless mother (Susan Sarandon) who drags her to Beverly Hills.1999
A movie musical based around the sounds of The Beatles2007
Tom Cruise is threatened by Nicole Kidman's sexual fantasies and joins a sex cult.1999
Two boys growing up in Rio De Janeiro take different life paths: One a photographer, the other a drug dealer.2002
Ed Norton goes to jail for curb-stomping someone and decides to change his skinhead lifestyle.1998
Peter O'Toole develops conflicting loyalties during his wartime service in the desert.1962
Emile Hirsch gives up his posessions, hitchikes to Alaska, eats poison berries, and dies.2007
Hillary Swank works to establish herself as a boxer.2004
Stanley Kubrick shows the dehumanizing effects of the Vietnam War on Marines.1987
Casey Affleck and Michelle Monaghan play two P.I.s searching for a missing girl.2007
A team of mismatched woodland creatures invade a suburban neighborhood, and hijinks ensue.2006
Four kids find a dead body on the railroad tracks.1986
The story of three divorced men and their broken families.1995
Demi Moore and Rob Lowe try to maintain a romantic relationship, despite their personal problems and the disapproval of their friends.1986
Hugo Weaving secretly battles a totalitarian society and shaves Natalie Portman's head.2006
Matt Damon is a secret genius. Robin Williams is his shrink.1997
A Hollywood account of the career of a notoriously violent bank robbing couple.1967
Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson fight crime in a Ford Torino.2004
Family drives cross-country to see little girl do inappropriate dancing in a beauty pageant.2006
Orlando Bloom uses his blacksmith charm to seduce someone and defends Jerusalem during the Crusades.2005
Tom Hanks and men go behind enemy lines to look for Matt Damon and bring him home.1998
Paul Newman fails to communicate.1967
Roberto Benigni protects his son in a Nazi death camp.1997
The life and struggles of professional football players, as coached by Al Pacino.1999

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