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Name a character that is shot in the first episode.
Regular people who 'went bibbledy' over seeing the edge of space are called...
The original human planet is referred to as...
Jayne's very favorite gun is named...
Malcom's combined nickname for his 'wife' is...
These people built a statue of Jayne in town square
Their drink of choice was called...
Wash is seen playing with these in the first episode...
Who wrote the theme song for the show?
In the episode 'War Stories,' we learn that Wash was fired from what?
Wash's full name is...
Zoe and Mal were members of this drab-colored, rebel band.
'a sad little king of ______________.'
In 'War Stories,' Wash says 'once in flight school, I was downright _______.'
How many times does Mal stab Atherton during their duel?
After which, we establish that Mal is not a great or good man, but he is _______.'
'Cry baby, cry...'
'Two by two...'
'when you can't crawl... when you can't do that...'
Tracy cut the ________ off of his superior officer during the war.
'A man can survive from here 'til judgment day if he has enough __________'
'And what's his job... on the ship?'
Captain mal is tricked by Saffron when she gives him what Simon refers to as the __________.
'My wife's nephew. At dinner I am getting _______'
The last stand of the rebellion took place at _________ _________.
In 'The Message,' River indulges in a frosty treat called an __________.
Mal sleeps with Inara's old companion buddy named.
The baby born in the episode 'heart of Gold' is named __________.
'And now for you, my reputation is __________.'
Inara doesn't have time to do this to Mal, after she just did it to Kaylee.

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