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Can you name the Final Fantasy VII Materia!?

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Midgar Sewers 
Sector 6 Playground 
Shinra HQ Level 68 
Initially equipped on Yuffie 
Initially equipped on Cait Sith 
Road near Gongaga Reactor 
Temple of the Ancients 
Sunken Gelnika 
Gold Saucer Battle Square 
Ancient Forest 
Cave south of Wutai 
Northern Crater 
Underneath Midgar 
Cosmo Canyon, Emerald WEAPON 
Aeris' Garden 
Purchase from Chocobo Billy 
Climb vines in Mythril Crave 
Defeat Meteria Keeper 
250 BP at Battle Square 
4,000 BP at Battle Square 
Cosmo Canyon 
Cosmo Canyon  
Temple of the Ancients 
Corral Valley Cave 
10,000 GP at Wonder Square 
Gold Saucer 
2,000 GP at Wonder Square (Use abbreviation of Experience) 
Chocobo Racing 
Cave north of Corel (This one is HP-MP) 
Northern Crater  
Kalm Traveler 
Initially equipped 
Initially equipped 
Reactor #1 
Sector 7 Materia Shop 
Shinra HQ Floor 67 
Mt. Corel Railroad tracks 
Defeat Gi Nattak 
From Sephiroth / Shinra Mansion 
Rocket Town 
Rocket Town 
Forgotten City 
Cosmo Canyon 
White Chocobo in Mideel 
North Corel 
North Crater 
Cosmo Canyon 
Chocobo Ranch 
Little girl in Junon 
Shinra Boat 
Inside the Chocobo Jockey room in the GOld Saucer  
Gongaga destroyed reactor  
Shinra Mansion safe 
Sleeping Forest 
Temple of the Ancients 
Northern Crater 
Whirlwind Maze 
Kill Godo in Wutai 
Fort Condor 
Sunken Gelnika 
Huge Blue Materia in Cosmo Canyon 
Ancient Forest 
NE Uncharted Island 
Kalm - Trade for earth harp. 
Sector 7 Beginner's Shop  
Shinra HQ 62nd Floor 
Cave of Gi 
Wutai Item Shop Treasure Chest 
Wutai cat house 
Wintery forest area place 
Whirlwind Maze 
Wutai Mountains 
Chocobo Racing 
Battle Arena 
Cave south of Wutai 
Chocobo Racing 

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