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LetterChristmas WordClue
AThe Christian season preceding Christmas
BAdorns presents
CStriped treat often found on Christmas trees
DWhat you do with boughs of holly
E Sweet dairy beverage usually mixed with liquor
FOne of the gifts brought by the three wise men
GBaked building material cemented with icing
HSanta's tag line
IFrozen water spikes
JMusical sleigh decorations/Batman smells
KAlliterative name for Santa Claus
LNorwegian lye-treated fish traditionally served at Christmastime
MKissing custom
LetterChristmas WordClue
NBrazilian city founded, appropriately, on Dec. 25, 1599
OClassic carol originally titled 'Cantique de Noël'
PRed- and green-leaved plant commonly used as decoration
Q Her first Christmas broadcast took place on February 6, 1952
RFriend of the misfits
S- Singer of the 1985 rock version of 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town'
TBob Cratchit's son in 'A Christmas Carol'
UWhat Fred calls Ebenezer
VFourth in the sleigh team
WFront door adornment
XTaken to decrease christmas stress
YIf you don't have a fireplace, you can watch one of these burn on TV
ZThe Magi are said to be of this Oriental religion

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