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Can you name the US Presidents and Ancient Roman Emperors?

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Son was Titus
He was the only President to resign from office
He patronized over 30 churches in the capital of Constantinople
His nickname was “Man of the People”
He is known for successfully restoring the federal unity of the nation by defeating the Confederate States of America
Step-son of Augustus
Ruled from 284-305 A.D
He was the first emperor to be born in Africa
He succeeded into office after John F. Kennedy
Refused to pay soldiers for their loyalty
43 president of the United States
First Left handed President
His rule started and ended violently
Senate regarded him as unintelligent
33rd President of the United States
25th president of the United States
Before he was president, he was an American Civil General from 1822 to 1885
Reorganized financial policies
spent half his rule touring the provinces
His foreign policy established a new vision of America’s role in the world
Changed the capital of the Roman Empire and named it after himself
He helped shape the vigorous foreign policy
Our town is named after this president
Improved roads to help connect the Roman World
President during the Great Depression
Nickname was “Little Boots”
15th President of the United States
He spent most of his rule keeping the Barbarians out
He inaugurated the Roman Colloseum
This president came after Abraham Lincoln

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