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The name of the sport in this game shares the same name as this insect
Getting out on a score of a zero is known as a _____
If a bowler dominates a batsman, the batsman is known as his _____
A slog is often aimed at hitting the ball to this corner
A ball with a very high trajectory prior to bouncing is known as a _____ drop
A leg spin delivery with under-spin, so it bounces lower than normal is named after this Dolphin appendage
Getting out without facing a delivery is known as this type of duck
Getting out on the first delivery of a bastman's inning is known as this type of duck
A particularly incompetent batsman
When a batsman indecisively pushes at a delivery pitched outside of off stump; A term derived from the tentative way a mouse eats chees
When a batsman protects a weaker batsman, he does this to the strike. Also a place where animals live.
A graphical chart that represents the trajectory of the ball from each scoring stroke; also known as a Wagon Wheel
A graphical plot of the cumulative runs scored with runs on the y-axis and overs on the x-axis
A bat designed specifically for Twenty20 cricket is named after this weasel like creature
A drying wicket that is exceedingly difficult to bat on is known as a Sticky _____
The cricket ball used in Australia since 1946 is named after this bird
The lower order of a batting line-up shares the name with this animal appendage
When the lower order survives a long time; shares the name with this action done by a dog
In 1936, a match was stopped when this bird was killed by a cricket ball. It is on display at Lord's Cricket Ground
The UDRS uses Eagle-Eye or _____-Eye technology
The English emblem contains Three _____
The Zimbabwe cricket logo contains a stone-carved animal known as the Zimbabwe _____
The Bangladeshi cricket logo contains the Bengal ______
The Sri Lankan cricket logo contains the Gold _____ holding a kastane sword
The mascot for the 2003 World Cup was a _____ named Dazzle
The mascot for the 2007 World Cup was Mellow, a orange _____ like creature
The mascot for the 2011 World Cup was an ______ named Stumpy
The New Zealand cricket team is sometimes referred to as this flightless bird
One of two animals on the Australian Cricket emblem, both are animals which cannot physically take a step backwards
2nd of two animals on the Australian Cricket emblem
The Netherlands cricket logo has an orange ____
Pakistani cricket captain Imran Khan famously told his players to fight like cornered ______
The Kenyan cricket logo contains a ______
The Hong Kong cricket logo contains a _____
The South African cricket team is sometimes referred to as this medium-sized brown and white gazelle
The Abbottabad Twenty20 team
The Afghan Twenty20 team
The Derbyshire Twenty20 team
The Essex Twenty20 team
The Glamorgan Twenty20 team
The Hampshire Twenty20 team
The Leicestershire Twenty20 team
The Middlesex Twenty20 team
The Sussex Twenty20 team
The Surrey Twenty20 team
The Warwickshire Twenty20 team
One of two Lahore Twenty20 teams
2nd of two Lahore Twenty20 teams
The Faisalabad Twenty20 team
The Hyderabad (Pak) Twenty20 team
The Islamabad Twenty20 team
One of two Karachi Twenty20 teams
2nd of two Karachi Twenty20 team
The Multan Twenty20 team
The Peshawar Twenty20 team
The Quetta Twenty20 team
The Rawalpinid Twenty20 team
The Sialkot Twenty20 team
The now defunct IPL team from Kochi
The now defunct ICL team from Kolkata were the Royal Bengal _____
The now defunct ICL team from Chandigarh
The Nagenahira Twenty20 team of the SLPL has a snake in its logo
The Highveld Twenty20 team
The KwaZulu Natal Twenty20 team
The Cape Town Twenty20 team
The Wellington Twenty20 team is known as the Fire_____
The Central Districts Twenty20 team
The Mashonaland Twenty20 team
The Kwekwe, Midlands Twenty20 team
The Matabeleland Twenty20 team
The name of the Namibian Twenty20 team is the Desert _____
The name of England's second team is the _____
Queensland's domestic team
Tasmania's domestic team
South Australia's team is named after this Spider
A CB40 Team of players without current full-time contracts in England
The only animal to earn a mention in the Wisden Cricketers' Almanack was Peter the _____
In the 1982 Ashes, at the Gabba, spectators released Botham the _____ onto the outfield

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