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Most Career RunsIND/2278 runs
Most Runs in a tournamentIND/673 runs, 2003
Highest Career Avg(min. 20 inns.)WI/63.31
Highest Avg in a tournament (min. 350 runs)NZL/114.00, 1992
Highest Batting Career S/R (min. 20 inns)IND/115.14
Highest Batting S/R in a tournament (min. 350 runs)IND/122.58, 2011
Highest Score in an InningsSA/188* vs NED, 1996
Fastest CenturyIRE/50 balls vs ENG, 2011
Fastest FiftyNZL/20 balls vs CAN, 2007
Most Career CenturiesIND/6 centuries
Most Career SixesAUS/31 sixes
Most Wickets OverallAUS/71 wickets
Best Career Bowling Average(min. 200 overs)AUS/18.19 runs per wicket
Best Bowling FiguresAUS/7-15 vs NAM, 2003
Best Career Strike Rate(min. 200 overs)IND/27.1 balls per wicket
Most Wickets in a TournamentAUS/26 wickets, 2007
Most Career 4 wkt haulsAUS/4 4 wkt hauls
Most runs conceded in an inningsNZL/105 runs vs England
Best Economy Rate (min. 200 overs)WI/3.24 runs per over
Only player to take 2 World Cup HattricksSL/ vs SA 2007, vs KEN 2011
Only player to take 4 wkts in 4 ballsSL/ vs SA 2007
Most dismissals (wicket-keeper)AUS/39 dismissals
Most catches (fielder)AUS/28 catches
Only bowler to bowl the final delivery of two WC Finals1996 - bowling, 2003 - bowling
Only player to be involved with the final delivery of two WC Finals1999 - batting, 2003 - fielding
Only player to score a century in the 2nd Innings of a WC FinalSL/ vs AUS, 1996
Only player to hit a six on the last ball of a WC FinalIND/ vs SL, 2011
Only player to take a 5 wkt haul and be on the losing side in a WC FinalAUS/ vs WI, 1975
Only player to be in 3 WC Finals without a winENG/ 1979, 1987, 1992
Most career runs in World Cup finalsAUS/260 runs
3 consecutive World Cup Finals 50+ scoresAUS/1999, 2003, 2007
Highest score in a World Cup FinalAUS/149 vs SL, 2007
Most sixes in a World Cup FinalAUS/8 sixes vs IND, 2003
Most career World Cup Final sixesAUS/10 sixes
Best bowling figures in a World Cup FinalWI/ vs ENG 1979, 5-38
Youngest Player to play a WC MatchCAN/16 years, 283 days, 2011
Oldest Player to play a WC MatchNED/47 years, 257 days, 1996
Most matches as CaptainAUS/29 matches
Most World Cup Finals captainedWI/3 finals - 1975, 1979, 1983
World Cup Champion as player and coachAUS/1987(player) and 1999 (coach)
World Cup Final as player and a coachAUS/1999(player) and 2007(coach)
Best win percentage as captainAUS/92% in 29 matches
Most matches UmpiredENG/46 matches
Most World Cup Finals UmpiredWI/5 Finals (1992-2007)
Most wins in a single tournament11 matches (2003,2007)
Most consecutive wins25 matches (1999-2011)
Most consecutive games without a defeat32 matches (1999-2011)
Most consecutive defeats18 matches (1983-1992)
Most World Cup Titles4 Titles
Highest team score413-5 vs BER, 2007
Lowest team score36 vs SL, 2003
Most extras conceded in one inningsvs PAK 1999, 59 extras (5b, 6lb, 33w, 15nb)
Highest Successful run chase329/7 vs ENG, 2011
Largest margin of victory (by runs)257 runs vs BER, 2007
Highest team win percentage74%
Most wins55 wins
Most losses37 losses
Most matches hosted by a ground12 matches
Most finals hosted by a ground4 matches
Lowest seed to appear in a semi final2003
Most Finals appearances without a win3 appearances
Most Semi Finals appearances without a win6 appearances
Most Knockout round appearances without a win5 appearances
Only nation to win the World Cup Final at Home2011
First non test playing nation to defeat a test playing nationvs IND, 1979
Only side to win its first world cup match while playing its inagural ODIvs AUS, 1983
Most world cup matches without a win8 matches, 1999-2007
World Cup Sponsor 1975-1983Insurance company
World Cup Sponsor 1987Indian conglomerate
World Cup Sponsor 1992Cigarette company
World Cup Sponsor 1996Cigarette company
World Cup Sponsor 1999-2011Sporting governing body
1975 World Cup, Most runsNZL/333 runs
1975 World Cup, Most wicketsAUS/11 wickets
1979 World Cup, Most runsWI/253 runs
1979 World Cup, Most wicketsENG/10 wickets
1983 World Cup, Most runsENG/384 runs
1983 World Cup, Most wicketsIND/18 wickets
1987 World Cup, Most runsENG/471 runs
1987 World Cup, Most wicketsAUS/18 wickets
1992 World Cup, Most runsNZL/456 runs
1992 World Cup, Most wicketsPAK/18 wickets
1992 World Cup, Man of the SeriesNZL/ 456 runs @ 114.00, S/R 90.83
1996 World Cup, Most runsIND/523 runs
1996 World Cup, Most wicketsIND/15 wickets
1996 World Cup, Man of the SeriesSL/221 runs, S/R 131.54, 7 wkts, 5 ct
1999 World Cup, Most runsIND/461 runs
1999 World Cup, Most wickets (tied)NZL/20 wickets
1999 World Cup, Most wickets (tied)AUS/20 wickets
1999 World Cup, Man of the SeriesSA/281 runs @ 140.50, S/R 122.17, 17 wkts @ 20.58
2003 World Cup, Most runsIND/673 runs
2003 World Cup, Most wicketsSL/23 wickets
2003 World Cup, Man of the SeriesIND/673 runs @ 61.18, S/R 89.25, 2 wkts
2007 World Cup, Most runsAUS/659 runs
2007 World Cup, Most wicketsAUS/26 wickets
2007 World Cup, Man of the SeriesAUS/26 wickets @ 13.73, Econ 4.41
2011 World Cup, Most runsSL/500 runs
2011 World Cup, Most wickets (tied)PAK/21 wickets
2011 World Cup, Most wickets (tied)IND/21 wickets
2011 World Cup, Man of the SeriesIND/362 runs @ 90.50, 15 wkts @ 25.13

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