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Teams Played For With Figure CreatedSports Pick PlayerHint
STL, LAAA copy machine asked him to eliminate two ESPN anchors
SEAShares a name with many sushi restaurants
TEX, FLA, DETThe unoriginal 'Pudge'
LAD, NYMClemens threw a bat at him
MON, BOS, NYMHad a midget friend named Nelson
MON, SEA, ARI, NYYBeat up a camera man
CWS, CHC, BALDoesn't speak any English
SEA, TEX, NYYWas caught getting fed popcorn by Cameron Diaz during Super Bowl broadcast
NYYHis boss threatened him to play for the Reds
CWSSpent the 1994 Strike honing his acting skills on Married With Children
CHC, ATLProud member of MENSA
SEA, CINWasn't on 'roids (we hope)
CHCRecently retired Cubs one-time phenom
CLE, BOS, LADFirst pregnant major leaguer
BOS, TOR, NYY, HOUCheated on his wife with an under aged country music star
CINWill Ferrell lookalike
ATLCall him Larry
PHI, ARI, BOSHe shouldn't of invested in video games
OAK, NYYGolden thong... gross
TEXOne-time Long Island Duck
NYMHis loogie is enshrined in the HOF
HOUAwarded a tractor for taking team to World Series
MON, LAAPissed on his hands instead of using batting gloves
TORWent two three consecutive World Series for three different teams without anyone noticing
HOUFat Elvis
COL, STLHad a nasty stare down with Randy Johnson
STLFormer Cardinals pitcher that faded into obscurity
SDSecretly hates Mariano Rivera
NYY, TEX, CHCOnce didn't know how many outs there were at a Wrigley game I attended
BOSAverages 6 strike outs a year
LAD'roided up Hab
PITThis catcher belongs on the Pirates 2000's all decade team (there's no one else)
OAK, BALFormer AL 'roided MVP. Sigh.
PHIThis 'Bat' is hated by all Met fans
MIN, LAARobbed a Bonds HR in an All-Star Game that ended in a tie
LAA, STLNever met a ball he didn't dive at
NYYHip Hip?
CLE, PHI, CWSUnderrated 600+ HR hitter
LADJapanese pitcher, you probably won't remember him
ARIBenefitted from the Yankees playing the infield in
KCOnly relevant Royal in the early 2000's
NYYSuzyn Waldman cries every time he plays the guitar
OAK, SFSigned a monster deal with SF and wasn't on their World Series roster
CHCMost valuable Cub to ever hit the disabled list
PHI, STLSometimes he can be seen at the hot corner in Cincinnati
LAA, TORWorld Series MVP that definitely benefitted from 'roids
NYYWorld Series MVP that definitely did not benefit from 'roids
HOUWon MVP in the strike year. Should that count?
ATLHad 12 consecutive 'pitcher with the best lawn' awards throughout career
LAD, NYYJoe Torre claims he once cried in a corner
MIL, SEAMariners paid him too much money to whittle away like he did
ATL, LADEnjoying the twilight of his career eating cake on the Yankees
FLAHad about 12 nervous breakdowns before recently retiring
CHWSideshow Bob's Venezuelan brother
NYYShagged his last ever fly ball
BOS, CHC, LADHis first name said in a Boston accent makes you cringe
COLFor some odd reason never left the Rockies
NYY, HOURoger made him take HGH
Teams Played For With Figure CreatedSports Pick PlayerHint
OAK, STLPart of Oakland's big 3 pitchers that fell into obscurity
TOR, NYMHates the National Anthem
LAAWon a Home Run Derby one day
TEX. BALHe took steroids. Period.
TOR, PHIThis Doctor didn't allow a hit in his first major league postseason game
PHI, NYMTold Lastings Milledge to 'know your role, rook!'
KC, BOS, NYYDefined being an idiot
ATL, NYMCould of played with Gretzky if it weren't for baseball
BOSYankee fans won't hug him
LAD, SEADoesn't like when teammates touch his head after he hits a home run
NYMPaid for a former teammates nose job
DETThis closer wasn't the best reliever on his World Series team
BAL, NYYRefused to pitch to Posada
SFProbably one of few players to have his dad coach his little league and major league teams
PHI, NYYHis 41 Home Run Derby HRs are the most in his career
CHCYet another Cub who didn't win a World Series with the team
SF, LADOnce referred to as a bad teammate by Bonds
BOSCaught 4 different no-hitters
CHCHad a World Series ring, not with the Cubs
MIN, NYMOnce pitched a no-hitter where there was a hit
FLA, DETKeeps a bottle of scotch in his glove compartment
WASNats Closer, likely undeserving of his own figure
HOUHad 3,000 hits
CHWFor a batter with no pop, once hit a walk-off HR in the World Series
NYY, DETHad beef with just about every team he ever played for
CLE, BOSThe Indians gave away his bobblehead a month after he was traded
SDWas once arrested at an airport for parking his car
BOSLoves fried chicken and beer
NYYHe hit a home run, don't cha know?
OAKOften injured in Oakland, often forgotten in New York
ARICy Young winner, haven't heard from him in a while
NYMWill break every team record as long as the Mets don't trade him
DETOnce pretended he was Randy Johnson to play a video game
PHIMade the last out in the NLDS last year by shattering his achillies
BOSHe shipped up to Philly, whoa oh oh
MIL, DETThis herbivore got paid handsomely this offseason
TBPitcher involved in one of the worst trades in Met history
PHIWon the World F***ing Series
NYYWas never the same pitcher after running the bases
BOSTraded to the other color Sox
CHWUnderrated 1B that may end up a HOFer
BOSUnderachieving, over-hyped, over-paid Japanese pitcher
TEXHas been a Ranger through all the bad and good years
MINLadies love his head and shoulders
HOURefused a trade to LA, but not Miami?
NYMDidn't deserve Carl Crawford money
CLEI don't know what Pronk means either...
CHCKnown for beating up teammates, water coolers, and anything to look at him funny
BOSShortest MVP of all time?
ARIHas yet to live up to HOF potential everyone thinks he has
PHI#1 Mets trash talker
PHI#2 Mets trash talker
CHCUnderachieving, over-hyped, over-paid Japanese hitter
BOSOnly player to win a World Series with FLA and BOS not named Josh Beckett
BOSAll-Star MVP in wild extra inning game at Yankee Stadium
NYYFears Trampolines
NYYHas an .000 average in the month of April
CIN, TEXThe bed he once slept in with his Grandma is going for $100,000 on eBay
LADIn his homeland of Canada, this catcher would be hanging between the pipes
BOSOnce won the entire country a free taco by stealing a base in the World Series
Teams Played For With Figure CreatedSports Pick PlayerHint
NYYWalked through a cornfield in Iowa and found a bunch of baseball legends drinking Pepsi
SFThis former multiple Cy Young winner isn't high on his 3-10 record to begin 2012
TBHis favorite number might be 162 after hitting a walk off home run on the number game of the year to get his team into the playoffs
NYMThis man wishes Flushing had a Green Monster
DET, NYYJohn Sterling hums his home runs like a Wilky Wonka song
WASThe first God to ever have an innings limit
ATLRookie sensation in 2010 has fell way under the radar
BOSMarlins weren't smart enough to keep the #1 overall draft pick
BOSIs deathly afraid of Robert Andino
PHIWill always be remembered for his 3 month stint with the Mariners, and by always I mean never.
LADThe first move of the Magic Johnson era was signing this guy
SFHis real first name is actually Gerald
COL, STLStill hasn't touched home plate since game 163 in 2007
MIL2011 National League MVP*
LAA, BOSShould be the Kentucky Fried Chicken poster boy
CINCanada's best non hockey import
LADUsed to hang out under Rihanna's umbrella
CHCNot related to Fidel, we promise.
SFSpends $100 a week on black beard dye
TORBlue Jays would be irrelevant without this slugger... oh wait.
WASI have a clown question for him, bro.
Cooperstown: STLTim McCarver wishes he were his best friend
Cooperstown: BALIf he made an error at third, it would be a breaking news report
Cooperstown: NYM, CAL, HOU, TEXRobin Ventura still has welts on his face
Cooperstown: OAK, NYYThe Yankees refuse to talk to this man
Cooperstown: NYM, BOSThe greatest Met of all-time but once broadcasted for the Yankees
Cooperstown: NYYHe was so beloved, Hannah Barbara named a bear after him
Cooperstown: BALWas an Iron Man that hopefully spent his career clean
Cooperstown: PHIIf he was born 15 years later, he admits he would of taken steroids
Cooperstown: OAK, NYYHis aquatic nickname is much cooler than Jim
Cooperstown: NYYHe didn't call his shot, he was originating the disco dance
Cooperstown: SF, NYMSays 'Hey'
Cooperstown: PITPops has a pretty good BBQ joint in Pittsburgh
Cooperstown: NYYIf he weren't for a sprinkler, his career numbers might be tops above all
Cooperstown: BOS, CHWThe original Pudge once dictated where a game winning home run went
Cooperstown: NYYThis lefty loved his eyeblack
Cooperstown: BROIts Mariano and him, that's it.
Cooperstown: PITGot to 3,000 career hits before a plane crash tragically ended his life
Cooperstown: NYYA cup of coffee, or a cup of him?
Cooperstown: NYY, STLHis legendary home run had an asterix before it was cool
Cooperstown: CINHe might be the best bench player of all time
Cooperstown: BOSThe last to hit .400
Cooperstown: PHIIf you're a media member, its likely that he hates you
Cooperstown: STLGot lost in an eclipse of time during an episode of the Simpsons
Cooperstown: BOS, OAKWould we be discussing him if it weren't for his outstanding stretch as a closer?
Cooperstown: ATLHas never met the kids who ran along side him during home run 715
Cooperstown: CHCAnother famous Cub to never win a World Series. 99th percentile
Cooperstown: DETTommy Lee Jones showed this man was no Georgia Peach
Cooperstown: OAKIf you uncoil his mustache, you'll be able to roll out a red carpet
Cooperstown: KCWhen you think of relevant Kansas City Royals, it's this guy and not much else
Cooperstown: NYYThe man is so good, they honored him with his own disease
Cooperstown: KCMy brother once owned a jersey of his with his Royals number on the front, Raiders number on the back
Cooperstown: SDOnly struck out three times in a game ONCE in his career
Cooperstown: BOSIf you play many baseball games on Sporcle, you should be able to spell his name by now
Cooperstown: CIN, HOUThere was once a website that promptly stated to fire this man from his job
Cooperstown: NYYOne of very few Yankees to ever have a mustache
Cooperstown: SF, SDNot many people have a cove named after him, he does.
Cooperstown: OAK, NYYChanneled his inner Ali when he broke the stolen base record

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