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LyricsSong TitleFact About the Song
Keobi naseo shijakjocha anhae bwahtdamyeon.......
When the snow begins to fly, above the smoky, smoky sky.......
Manmanhi bol naramyeon joshimhae nal kkwak jaba ....This the latest version of their song that was released last year 2011
Sowoneul malhaeyo naega deuro jooge......
Neottae mune nae maeum eun, gabot ibgo ijen naega matseo julge....
Haengbok moduga hanadwoeneun sesang.......This was sang by some members of SNSD and SuJu :D
Yeogie, Jeogie, neo-ui dalkomhan maldeuri....
Sesange jichyeoit-deon nae-ge......This song was written by SooYoung!
You better run, run, run, run, run....
Hey oppa najom bwa nareul jom barabwa.......
Sowoneul malhaebwa Ni mamsokae itneun jageun ggoomeul malhaebwa....DJ put it back on!!!

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