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Can you name the Silent Night Deadly Night Trivia (One and Tw)?

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Older brother
Younger brother
Kills the brothers' parents
Where Billy gets a job
Punishment is:
What Billy drinks instead of the booze offered by a coworker
How does Billy kill the assistant manager?
How Billy kills the teen girl
What do the bullies Billy kills steal?
What the orphans are doing when Billy comes to kill Mother Superior
Last word of Silent Night Deadly Night
Psychiatrist who interviews Ricky in Silent Night Deadly Night 2
Ricky's girlfriend
How Ricky kills the psychiatrist
Where did Chip **** Jennifer's brains out?
The most expressive part of Ricky's face
Weapon used to kill Jennifer
What was Ricky's problem as he described it?
How the young responds to Ricky running over her boyfriend
What day does Ricky commit his rampage?

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