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Can you name the Characters in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask?

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Character DescriptionCharacter
Game's Protagonist
Hylian Princess
Mysterious Source of Evil
Mask's Puppet
Hero's Horse
Game's Primary Fairy
Purple Fairy, Separated from Sister
35 Year Old 'Forest Fairy'
Mysterious Travelling Collector
Advice-Giving Owl
Undersized Bridegroom
Stock Pot Inn's Innkeeper
Mayor of Clock Town
Mayor's Wife
Leader of the 'Secret Society of Justice'
Captain of Town Guards
Head Carpenter
Owner & Bartender of the Milk Bar
Discouraged Troupe Leader
Musician ('Song of Storms')
Twin Dancers
'Serious Public Servant' who Delivers Letters
Couple who Run Shop in East Clock Town
Self-Proclaimed 'Professor of Astronomy'
Ghost of Dancer
Smiling Thief
Character DescriptionCharacter
Yellow, Fox-like Creature
Young Girl who Shares Name of Ranch
Ranch's Manager
Cucco Shack's Breeder
Owner of Doggy Race Track
Swamp Cruise Witch
Magic Hag's Shop Witch
Goron Hero (Deceased)
Owner of Mountain Smithy
Smithy Worker ('Arrrgghhh')
Guitarist of the Indigo-Go's (Deceased)
Leader of the Indigo-Go's
Vocalist of the Indigo-Go's
Bassist of the Indigo-Go's
Drummer of the Indigo-Go's
Manager of the Indigo-Go's
'The Inconspicuous Soldier'
Leader of the Gerudo Pirates
Captain of Ikana Army
Gravekeeper of Ikana
Young Girl who Lives in Music Box House
King of Ikana
'Masked Jungle Warrior'
'Masked Mechanical Monster'
'Gargantuan Masked Fish'
'Giant Masked Insect'

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