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Can you name the MKX Charcters?

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Mystic, Spectral, Master of Souls
Inferno, Ninjutsu, Hellfire
Shaolin, Ancestral, Bojutsu
Sun God, Blood God, War God
Ruthless, Vicious, Lackey
Aftershock, Metallic, Crystalline
Pretty Lady, Killer, Butcher
Noxious, Deceptive, Nimble
Ethereal, Piercing, Ravenous
Dragon Fangs, Kuatan Warrior, Tigrar Fury
Warlock, Summoner, Sorcerer
Hat Trick, Tempest, Buzz Saw
Marksman, Gunslinger, Outlaw
Cybernetic, Commando, Cutthroat
Thunder God, Master of Storms, Displacer
Kobu Jutsu, Pryomancer, Dragon Naginata
Swarm Queen, Venomous, Brood Mother
Grandmaster, Cryomancer, Unbreakable
Slasher, Unstoppable, Relentless
Special Forces, Covert Ops, Demolition
Necromancer, Imposter, Bone Shaper
Pump up, Heavy Weapons, Wrestler
A-list, Fistcuffs, Stunt Double
Tarkatan, Acidic, Konjurer
Shotgun, Full Auto, High Tech
Dualist, Flame Fist, Dragon's Fire
Smoke, Sektor, Cyrax, Cyber Sub Zero
Bartitsu, Dragon Breath, Drunken Master
Hollywood, Brawler, Spec Ops
Kenjutsu, Balanced, Possesed
Hish-Qu-Ten, Warrior, Hunter
Mournful, Royal Storm, Assasin
Shirai Ryu, Ronin, Lasher

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